Have you ever asked a lover to play with you "back there" and they said "NO"?

Have you ever asked a lover to play with you "back there" and they said "NO"?

Bignuf Bignuf
How did you handle that situation??? Did you just drop it? Did you move on?

Please feel free to share.

Question came up from someone who is on the dating circuit again, after being married for six years. Hubby ran off, had an affair and left her high and dry. The one thing is, he was "great in bed".

She identifies herself as a "high demand, high output" lover.

Well, she started dating a very handsome, muscular, athletic, active guy. Once it got to the point of intimacy (over a month into their dating), HE fully enjoys GETTING oral, but will NOT give it. Then when SHE asked him for some anal play (which she says she really gets turned on by), he just said "YUK, NO".

The evening did NOT go as planned and she has decided she too is moving on, because they are THAT incompatible, in an area important to her...the bedroom.

SO, have you ever asked anyone for ANAL play and had them turn YOU down???
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Mwar Mwar
Yeah, we compromised. We use toys and plugs and he has no problem using them on me. I wish he would do more, but it's not THAT important to me.
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