Ladies, Please explain why you love anal play.

Ladies, Please explain why you love anal play.

Bignuf Bignuf
I just got a friend to sign on here to EF. She is married and her thing is "why does he always want to play around with my ass, when he has a pussy, built to accommodate his penis and give it pleasure", rather then an anus, built only as an "out door".

She has never let her hubby of five years even go near her rear end, but she is curious as to why he want's to go there.

I have laid out all my own reasons for being so "anal" to her (lots of nerves, feels great...etc), but I think she needs to read it from others.

Have at it, ladies. Why is anal good for you?

(for those wondering, these are "new" friends. Just moved to town about three months ago, and no, they are not part of our free for all Friday Night dinner group. Probably won't be, either. Just not the right fit for a number of reasons, and I am being honest in saying this here, since we discussed it openly with her, when we turned her down twice for "joining her on Friday" to go do stuff).
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LittleA LittleA
As soon as my man even grazes my backside with hand or otherwise, it gets me so hot. If you have someone that does it right, its fantastic. I don't know how to explain it, as far as it being different from vaginal, just different. Women are incredible lucky to have so many options as to how to be penetrated. If my man really does it right, he can get me so wet that I don't even need added lube, that's just how much my body is into it. I've only had 2 lovers that I've been comfortable sharing this experience with, so in that what I keep it special for men that are special to me. It isn't something that we do on a super regular basis, but he definitely teases me with it more than I him.
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