Ever had nasty fantasy thoughts about something you really don't do? In this case, we are talking ATM.

Ever had nasty fantasy thoughts about something you really don't do? In this case, we are talking ATM.

Bignuf Bignuf
Okay, despite being on a brief hiatus away from EF due to real work, I had to chime in. Our Friday night dinner group was a WILD one last night, in that we had two guest couples, friends of our friends, join us from out of town. The KNEW what they were getting into when they joined our freewheeling discussion group for dinner. However, unlike the usual mix of up to 14 long term, married hetero couples, these two couples were long term, monogamous gay men!!!

When push came to shove, we all knew pretty much what we knew all along...people are people, and we all share the same issues, drama, etc, no matter what our "disposition" in bed. Most of us have some gay frieds already, so this was no surprise, but our guest did turn us on to some new ideas!!!! Maybe because they really don't know us, just the one couple they came with, they were somewhat reserved, at first, but then warmed up to our insane little group with "no holds barred" discussion that went on LONG into the night with wine and AMAZING chocolate fudge cake covered in CHOCOLATE GALATTO and finished off with melted WHITE chocolate. Oh my.

Anyway, neither of them was into ATM (direct removal of penis from ass to mouth). One of these couples did not even do analingus, which WE do enjoy after showering. A few in our "group" do indeed play the ATM thing, but as I have said before, I just cannot cross that line.....HOWEVER.....o ne of our new guests said he gets a "naughty thrill" thinking about the fact that the tool he is sucking routinely IS in his rear end, even if it was not "JUST" there.

I never thought of it that way!!!!

This morning, upon waking, I immediately put my lips around my hubby's soft tool and sucked him ALMOST all the way off....thinking about the fact that at least twice a week that amazing toy IS in my rear and bringing me great pleasure. It was such a NASTY thought...without the germs or risk of "real" ATM....but sort of ATM none the less, right? I was SO turned on.

After he made ME cum with his fingers (I get SO wet when I suck on him), he used my own vaginal lube to penetrate my tush and quickly came himself.

It was....DELICIOUS.

So...anyone else have dirty little fantasy's they play "only in their mind" if not quite in the real world????
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MR Chickhabit MR Chickhabit
ATM is not that bad. enema first and you are good to go.

See the Germans and Japanese and Brazilians to see much worse ass play than ATM.

fantasies are hot, and some of them get more so after you fulfil them, others not so much.

its fun to expand!
bayosgirl bayosgirl
I fantasize about my husband fingering me back there and rimming me (after a thorough shower of course), but not ATM. Personally, I find it repulsive. Sadly for me, my husband is not interested in fingering my butt let alone rimming.
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