PROLAPS? Isn't that BAD? Has it happend to anyone in the "real world"?

PROLAPS? Isn't that BAD? Has it happend to anyone in the "real world"?

Bignuf Bignuf
Okay, if you get into some really serious anal DVD's or look online at anal porn, soon enough you see the woman whose rectum prolapses right out, sometimes a few inches. This seems to be medically...well...not too good.

It seems to be more then one of these porn stars that way too. Now, we have had an active sex life for decades and indeed, had a lot of experience with anal play...but NEVER had anything like that.

Is there anyone in the EF group that actually has external "prolapse" of their rectum during or after anal play and has that caused you any medical issues or loss of bowel control?

Not to scare anyone, but that is pretty worrisome to see in these movies, anyway.

Your take?
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Wild Orchid Wild Orchid
A lot of those stars have problems because they push their bodies past their limits to earn more. Sometimes they have to rush, use toys with bigger diameters than they normally would, stay in positions that don't feel good or even comfortable. The most infamous practice of this kind is double anal - it's more dangerous than anal fisting, because you have two independently moving (huge) objects inside you. With fisting at least you can rely on the top's skill. A good scene gets a higher priority than a healthy butt.

It's just like sports - exercising regularly is good for you but professional athletes have a wide range of health problems caused by their job.
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