Tale of two...tails. Whose is most sensitive?

Tale of two...tails. Whose is most sensitive?

Bignuf Bignuf
Okay...this is silly, but it was a Friday Night group discussion classic.

Any thoughts...are GUYS tushs more sensitive then womans or same, the same????

One in our groups says that just like with "tough" ready to have children from there genitals, "woman are just tougher down there then guys".

Not sure how WE feel on this.

Any comment, those who engages in his and her anal fun? Which gender has a more tender tush???
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ScottA ScottA
Physiologically they're very similar, though men's prostate is closer to the rectum than a woman's G-spot.

Psychologically it can be a different story. For various reasons, men can be very opposed to anal activities. That said, if you look at the people interested in the really big butt toys they seem to be mostly male.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
I'd say they are the same - the differences are perceptional and attitudinal.

I've decided I like it so I do. My wife has decided that she doesn't - so its self-fulling.
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