Would you let YOUR lover "do you" anally with a lolly-pop?

Contributor: Bignuf Bignuf
A variant of this has been posted a few times, but last Friday, one of our "open discussion" dinner group "confided" in us that she told her hubby "he could do whatever he wanted with/to her as a "present" for their 25th anniversary. Now, make no mistake, he is "doing her" right (we know in advance) that he is taking her on an AMAZING three week cruise, and has a 12 carat tennis bracelet as a gift (he is a VERY successful professional), so that part is covered. She and he are a VERY playful couple.

She had NO IDEA what he was going to come up with as his "secret desire" (after all those years), but he surprised her...

Apparently as part of the Anal Aerobics Porn Videos they use an Astro Pop sucker on each other, and then lick it and re-insert it (it is actually Girl-Girl play in the video). He confided in her "that is the sexiest thing I have EVER seen in porn" and he asked if he could do it to her.

SHE in turn said YES, and SHE would do it to HIM TOO...which has him GIDDY in anticipation. (This is going to happen during their "time off"...which she still does not know is the cruise). SO....she is now having a bit of heebie jeebies about it. Some in our group have done Ass to Mouth for years and assure her it is NO BIG DEAL. Most in our group (including me) will happily do rimming or get rimmed, but I have never sucked his penis or finger right out of my anus (I will use an antiseptic Wet One to clean him first). However, she has NEVER done ATM at all, and just the tiniest bit of kissing "near his anus" although HE "tongues my butt any time he is doing oral" she claims.

SO....my question. Has anyone else tried this? Any advice? Anyone actually do this routinely???

Even though she has NEVER done an enema prior to anal play...just washes up, she is thinking to take along "on vacation" a couple of Fleets enema tubes, just to be "extra clean" when they are going to do this trick. She was also going to ask her hubby to do it also.

Again, anyone else do this kind of play and any advice on prep or performance???

link Here is what the Lolly she is going to use on him and him on her looks like.
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Contributor: spunkmonkey spunkmonkey
Ya, I could never do that or have it done to me.
Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Not a fan of sex and food - to many UTIs and other unpleasantries.
Contributor: solitudinarian solitudinarian
I feel the same as Gunsmoke.
Contributor: Bignuf Bignuf
So far no big fans of the idea, but I suspect these friends ARE going to go through with it (she ordered a half dozen of the AstroPops and plans to video the "event"!!!). She still does not know this is going to happen on their cruise. Curious what the customs folks will think of if they find a bunch of suckers in their luggage???