Does anybody else get off on their partner having an orgasm

Contributor: Jlynn123 Jlynn123
Originally posted by Zandrock
Lots of the time during sex I will wait until my girlfriend starts to have an orgasm, but as soon as she does her orgasm face sends me over the edge. It is just awesome to watch. Does this happen to anybody else?
I'm fairly sure most people feel this way. There's just something so sensual about it.
Contributor: College Curiosity College Curiosity
Totally late, but absolutely yes! Once I see and hear whoever I'm with orgasming it's nearly impossible for me not to finish as well. The only way I can really manage to delay it is if I know I can give them a more intense orgasm if we continue, haha.
Contributor: Husband and Wife Husband and Wife
Oh yes seeing his face and hearing about to cum drives me over the edge...
Contributor: OneofakindBeauty OneofakindBeauty
Absolutely!!! Seeing the look and hearing the pleasure he is getting makes it so much more intense!! I especially love when I am giving him oral, it gets me every time!!!
Contributor: Andykh Andykh
Yeppers. The look on her face and sounds she makes having an orgasm makes me know im doing something right and soon after if not about the same time I get off.
Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
OH gets off on making me swarm (sp ) and moan. If I'm coming she will try to get all of it out. Of course I get off on seeing her O. Only thing is she hids it so well. Only when she squirts (been a while now) do I really know something happened. Usually I can tell if she O'ed by how juicy it is in there and her body actions. Her low moans are very subtle.