Does SIZE~ REALLY~Matter?

Does SIZE~ REALLY~Matter?

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No One ever takes us aside and teaches us the art of loving. And let's be honest,none of the sex "aid" books, are very detailed. We get coaches and trainers for anything else, why not to learn about what gives us the most pleasure?

Sex to our parents, or "The Talk" is always very difficult or even Taboo. So who is there to help us?

No fear ! Dr Grace is Here

Most women have/had men, who don't perform oral foreplay on them, some try, but are not really successful. Try getting to the point of climaxing, without being stroked or getting a BJ. It's the same for women.

Think, If a woman is crappy at pleasing you orally, or does it very mechanically, it's not the same as you feel, when she is good at it, and makes you feel like she is really enjoying it.

When women get close, or just barely get aroused and you stop and want to get your share... it is exactly as you would feel, if it happened to You.

Well, to be more accurate... it's as if we would be giving you a nice blow job... you would be getting all hot hard and feel super
aroused, and then we would suddenly stop and go and wash the dishes.

Because honestly, we know you will not go back to lickicking us to let us cumm, after you finsh, lol. To women, licking sucking, flicking our clitoris, is equivalent in pleasure, sensation "and importance" as your blow jobs are to you.

Most women do NOT come from intercourse, it's just the way we are built. You would have to have a penis curved very much upwards to stimulate our G-Spot to make us cumm.

To get to the point... lol. Most women unknowingly, sincerely, and mistakenly "believe" "hope" and "wish" that a man with a bigger penis (girth, length or both, depending on how knowledgeable she is about her own pleasure, and anatomy) will be able to make her cumm.

A lot of women I spoke and worked with, have said that the guys with the "small penis" were the best lovers they ever had, Because They always Over~Compensate for their size by giving them Oral Pleasure, which is what they learned they wanted & enjoyed Most of All, and in the first place. They just didn't know it.

The truth is, nothing will substitute for stimulating her clitoris. And/Then her G-Spot.

If you learn the technique and get a little more creative with it, add your own little personal touches -so it's not too mechanical- if you can make her cumm many times, until she begs you to finish, she will be aroused enough to finally orgasm from intercourse, because then her G-Spot will be engorged enough for you to stimulate it through friction. I would really recommend allowing her to have 2-3 orgasms before you enter her with your penis.

As I said, many women don't even know, what a REAL orgasm is, or they think that there is something wrong with them, because they can't cumm.

Ladies, It isn't your fault, it's because most men are very selfish.

Some are too eager, or too excited by you, and simply don't understand how IMPORTANT it is, to pleasure us orally, due to lack of knowledge.

And yet, some simply don't really care about the woman, as long as they get their release.

That is the ONLY reason, women want men with a large member.

Truthfully... large members often damage us, and even hurt and make sex unpleasant.

If men concentrated more on foreplay and studying our bodies, our responses, If they stopped expecting us to always make noise the moment they touch us (otherwise they think they are not doing it right, and loose patience, or get discouraged and stop trying, which is the worst thing they can do).

Making LOVE is about caressing, observing, touching, exploring, finding all the hot spots

You need to give us time to really relax, enjoy your touch, your caress, your kisses and licks, without rushing us, without making us feel pressured to boost your ego, and make you feel like you are making us cumm, with the slightest effort.

Women need time to get aroused, we need to feel like you adore us and you are willing to pleasure us all night, (even if you are not), only when we are completely relaxed, we are able to get that tingle and allow it grow and to get stronger, and then we will make all the noise you want to hear, but this time not fake, but real.

Don't rush us. Don't pressure us (because you want your turn). Instead of getting impatient, try to think of how much you love her, how much you want to please her and how much you want to make her happy. Put intercourse completely out of your mind.

Attitude is everything, if you can learn to apply these tips to your love making...then your women would walk around glowing and smiling, no matter what size your member is.

The secret to being a great lover "No Matter how Big or small, Thick or thin, long or short you are" is being good at foreplay and being patient, to really, truly want to please your woman, without thinking "geez, will she come already?".

If you become better at foreplay... so will she, I guarantee it. It will make her want to be better for you, too. Remember, women will sense your impatience, and she will fake it just to make you think she came.

When she senses you are not really into it, she will loose the nice feeling and loose her pleasure, the "mood" will just dissipate, no matter how close she may be. Women mostly don't want to hurt your pride, so they fake it, and they end up unsatisfied.

The more often it happens, the more times she gets no release, the more she will become discouraged, and even loose faith in you as a lover. She may even loose any hope of you ever giving her an orgasm.

You must remember, women are very delicate, very spiritual and intuitive. If you are not sincere in wanting to truly please her, she will know it. Just think, you expect her to be eager to please you and be enthusiastic and sincere about it. It's a two way street.

Yes, I admit, there are days where we want just hot passionate, "just take me" kind of sex, too. But without having a lover with a slow, loving hand... it doesn't happen too often.

I hope this helped, and I hope I sparked some ideas to discuss, for couples, men or women, who never understood why most women can't come from an intercourse.


Caresses, licks and kisses, and lots of CLITORAL STIMULATION.

So the steps are: Kisses all over, her inner arms and in the fold of her wrists, her elbow, her belly, the small of her back, her ankles, behind her knees, her inner thighs, her belly her breasts, her nipples. You can even tease a little and play around her little spots to make her yearn for you to play with them. Then get to the pretty folds of her lips.

Lick them suck them, flick them, before you even think of heading towards the rose bud. Take your time, don't rush. If you feel your tongue is getting tired, lubricate your finger and use your finger.

Once she is swollen and red and throbbing, stick your finger inside her (the upper part, up towards the pubic area, and the g-spot is no further that 2-3 inches from the entrance.

Stimulate it while you are playing with her beautiful lips. Stop and go in for a sensual soft, no tongue choking her, just soft, kiss on her mouth, and tease her nipples, nibble on her neck, then go back to her g-spot and clitoris.

Have fun with it.Think of, how much satisfaction you will have, when she is cumming like she never had before. Once you understand and accept it, once you start applying it in your relationship, we will let you know when we are ready for you to stick us... lol. If you have questions... you know what to do.

If you would like to publish this, you may only use a paragraph and link back to my website or my expert page on here.

©DrGraceJGniazdowska. The content and any variations of this article are copyrighted and may NOT be published anywhere else without my explicit consent first, and not without crediting me for My work.
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