Sex Fact: Kegel Exercises

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Originally posted by Kayla
Kegels can really change the pleasure you receive from sex as well as the strength of your orgasm. There are several muscles that exist in the perineal group (in the genital region), but the two big muscles are the pubococcygeus muscle and the ... more
Ive done kegels for years, but recently got balls. After my children I was very self conscious and kegels helped me feel better about myself.
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I sporadically do kegels and have been looking at toys to help me do them.
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Originally posted by Emma (Girl With Fire)
Kegal exercises can also help to prevent prolapse of organs supported by the pelvic floor.

"Pelvic floor (pelvic support) disorders involve a dropping down (prolapse) of the bladder, urethra, small intestine, rectum, uterus, or ... more
I started doing kegels because my pelvic prolapse was getting worse. I initially tried doing them with Fun Factory Smartballs and they didn't really fit. The discomfort/pain kept me from using them and doing the exercises. I later found out that the manufacturer recommends the Teno Uno for people with prolapse.
For a time I got reminders on Twitter to do them and that really helped. Now I need to get into a routine of doing them.
I haven't noticed any sort of sexual benefit from doing them. However, my pelvic floor seems stable and that's good enough for me.
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I don't do kegels but after hearing about all the awesome benefits I want to start.
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Originally posted by Kayla
Kegels can really change the pleasure you receive from sex as well as the strength of your orgasm. There are several muscles that exist in the perineal group (in the genital region), but the two big muscles are the pubococcygeus muscle and the ... more
Im going to have to try these
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i got the ami set, havent started using them yet but plan to soon .
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I do them on occasion. My wife used the smart balls a few times, but found them uncomfortable. I don't think she has tried exercising them since them. It was funny though, a few weeks ago her mom recommended her do kegel exercises.
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I do them off and on. I go through spurts where I do them a lot with or without my emigi and other times I can't be bothered. Because of my inconsistency I haven't really noticed too much difference. Gonna have to work a lil harder on doing them regularly.
Contributor: tokensgirl tokensgirl
I havent noticed a change. Altho, I do need to do them MUCH more often lol
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I love these sex facts, and I can't wait to get my first exerciser!
Contributor: CAKES CAKES
I've never tried Kegel exercises, but I have thought about it.
Contributor: Rossie Rossie
I have the first generation Smartballs, the Teneo Uno, and the Emigi. The Smartballs and Emigi just don't fit my anatomy and keeps sliding out. I have no problem using the Teneo Uno but since it doesn't provide any stimulation, I don't bother with it anymore. The only Kegel exercise I'm doing right now is simple, it's just doing squatting 50 times a day. I know it is working because every time when I squeeze while having sex, my hubby can feel it.
Contributor: That Man from Mars That Man from Mars
I read recently that kegels don't actually do anything for incontinence and can cause PFD.

--After a quick google search there is apparently a hell of a lot of debate back and forth on their uses.

Seems like a hot topic.

Pretty interesting, though.
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I've always done kegels but placed an order for my first exerciser today - hopefully it will be something really nice.
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I do them when I'm having sex and it makes my orgasms more intense. However, insertion becomes painful after I orgasm from vaginal contractions and how much I tighten up. Sometimes it's unbearably painful and I have to tell my partner to stop. This might just be the reason why I have an aversion to big toys and big dicks.
Contributor: Bonesdance Bonesdance
I do them sporadically, and have noticed some minor improvement in my orgasm intensity and ejaculation strength. Nothing life changing, but still something.
Contributor: Bunnycups Bunnycups
I don't do it consistently. I really want to make it a habit. I only do them when they cross my mind. I'm going to order the Energie real soon so I can have a serious kegel workout.
Contributor: ellieprobable ellieprobable
Which vaginal exercise toys do people really like? I have smart balls but never really use them. Does anyone have luck using the njoy pure wand as a vaginal barbell?
Contributor: sarki sarki
Yes I do them
Contributor: Wild Orchid Wild Orchid
I've got Mae B. Love Balls but I only insert them once a couple of months. They don't feel spectacular and I simply don't bother. I do some Kegels but it's irregular and more for fun than for any change.

I did a May Masturbation Challenge (masturbated at least once a day) and by the end of it the orgasms were really intense. Now I let myself go and they are much weaker. It doesn't pay to be lazy.
Contributor: RainbowOokami RainbowOokami
Kegels are awesome!
Contributor: Powder Powder
I used to do male kegels years ago, and believe it or not it did help. I stopped after I started having sex but I may begin doing it again.
Contributor: catalunalilith catalunalilith
i've been doing kegels daily with balls for about four months, and i have notice a slight bit more tonesness, but nothing really major
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Originally posted by Mommy2
I bought my first set of kegel balls. Cant wait to try them.
Me too! I got the Ami
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To be honest I thought that kegels were something that only women that had given birth did to get things back to where they were. I can remember my Mom's old FIRM videos talking about "tightening internally". Now I am kinda curious......
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I have done Kegels for many years, I just recently received a ball for review and have done the kegels with them as well as on their own. The strength of orgasms I have had started after I was doing the kegels for about a month or so, I have never 'leaked' even when pregnant. Oh, I can also grip so hard, my husband can't move, kind of a funny joke to play on him sometimes.
Contributor: LaLaLouise LaLaLouise
I don't have an actual like workout routine or anything, lol. Mainly if I'm sitting here on EF and see something about kegels I start flexing haha. But I have noticed that I can NOT orgasm if I'm not tensing those muscles.
Contributor: Miss Anonymous Miss Anonymous
Yes, I do kegel exercises
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Originally posted by Twisted Angel
After delivering my first baby he did some major damage to me down there.. 32 stitches worth of damage. As soon as he was a week old I started doing the Kegels. Once I mastered those I began to learn the groups and the muscles by group learning how ... more
Great to know it helped with subsequent childbirths!
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Hmm perhaps I should start doing kegels again. Has been a while since I really practiced