What is your most funny or embarrassing sex story?

Contributor: Chaotic Rantings Chaotic Rantings
After my ex got off work from a club he worked at, we would go catfishing. And one night, we were waiting on friends to show up and fish with us and we figured they weren't coming so he asked me to give him a blowjob.

Everything was going great until a minute before he was getting ready to come, his fishing rod bent to the ground and he had to reach out and step on it so it wouldn't go into the lake. Not even 15 seconds later, we heard a car horn and people yelling for us. He quickly tried to finish, and as he came in my mouth, the fishing rod jerked again, I giggled and shot his jizz out of my nose.

PS...He caught the fish, our friends didn't catch us mid-act and cum burns coming out through your nose!
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