Best tip for BJ?

Contributor: rainingapricots rainingapricots
Ladies( and gents), what are you best tips for giving and amazing blowjob?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: SMichelle SMichelle
Honestly, the best thing to do is to communicate with your partner. Ask him to tell you what he enjoys. Have him "guide" you, so to speak. It might feel weird to ask, but really, it's not. There's no "best way" to give oral, as everyone likes something different. Best to get the tips straight from the one you're doing it to, in my opinion.
Contributor: Bivtguy51 Bivtguy51
Originally posted by rainingapricots
Ladies( and gents), what are you best tips for giving and amazing blowjob?
I like to start out very slow and tease all around it with my hands and tongue until it’s hard and ready. I used to have a bad gag reflex but have found it to be easier if I take a deep breath first and then take him slowly swallowing as I’m doing it opens my throat and allows access then I let out little breathes as I am doing it. My friend said it’s the best he’s ever had and it helps that he is very vocal about telling me what he wants and how. Major turn on whall 8 1/2” is as deep as it will go and now I can hold it there for almost a minute! Wish I had learned this when I was younger.
Contributor: Diil Diil
Show her how men damn get you a rubber dick n go down on it like you wanna be gone down on in front of her man I love her reactions fuck I wish I could reach mine I'd become one hell of a dick sucker
Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
My hubby likes me to fondle and juggle his balls during . And also use a p spot massager.
Contributor: MissMichella420 MissMichella420
It is seriously all about confidence, enthusiasm and eye contact, in my opinion, you guys! Men can sense when a woman is reluctant, insecure, uncomfortable, or unwilling to give them a blowjob and it shows in your performance! Don't just make those ungodly choking sounds, moan while you suck the soul out of his balls like it is the most delicious thing you have ever put in your mouth.

During the slow strokes, don't make eye contact while you slide down. Once you're at the base, hold it as far down as you can in your throat for as long as you can while you contract the back of your throat and wiggle the tip of your tongue as far past your mouth and down his shaft as you possibly can. Then come up for air nice and slow while you stare seductively right in his eyes. It's the best when your eyes are watering, but you're still smiling while you slide him out of your mouth. The most important part here is to maintain your composure during the slow slide up! If you start to gag while you deepthroat, grab his hand and guide it to the back of your head so he can take the lead and thrust down your throat like a stopper to keep you from actually getting sick (you can't throw up when your throat is full lol).

During the fast times, make the gagging sounds all you want and put on a good show, but the real kicker is to be on your knees and to grab his hips and join him in thrusting his hard member into your mouth. (They freaking love that shit, y'all!) Oh, and only use your hands when he is letting you lead; don't let those hands get in the way when your man is in his groove, you just have to woman up and learn to TAKE THAT DICK exactly how he wants you to!

Last, but not least, never leave his balls high and dry! Jerk off his shaft while you put each ball deliciously in your mouth and hum moans of enjoyment in the process. Softly pop each one in and out of your mouth several times a piece in a vibrating/bouncing rhythm, spit on his sack, rub it all over your mouth like a motorboat, and then softly tickle his gooch with your tongue. He will be squirting all over the place faster than you could ever imagine!

If you can't tell, I am one of the dick-sucking lovers out there. I could suck cock for hours. I have literally only squirted while getting facefucked. Absolutely crave having one in my mouth! Lol.