How to keep my wife from gagging?

How to keep my wife from gagging?

onedaniel20002000 onedaniel20002000
is there any way to keep my wife from gagging while she's sucking my dick?
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apryls apryls
Originally posted by onedaniel20002000
is there any way to keep my wife from gagging while she's sucking my dick?
Well this all depends on the situation. 1st of all it is going to depend on how big you are as well as patience. Then get her some numbing throat spray. But she will also need to learn how to relax her throart muscles and breath through her nose when doing this. Practicing on a dong that is similar to your size will be helpful, but this is not an overnight fix, it will take time. Now even when she is ready, let her do it at her own speed and don't push her head down. This is very important. She still might not be able to get all of you in so let her work at her pace. Hope I was able to help.
CaliGirl CaliGirl
You could try a numbing spray..
no longer here no longer here
Practice, Practice, Practice. Mrs is a gagger. She gags chewing gum. Practice opening the throat muscles so that "you" don't hit the gag spot. Mrs can now deep throat, but honestly not often and usually not for long. No complaints, there are other ways to preform oral than just getting the whole things in.

Do not pull her head down. Mrs gags every time then. You have to just relax and enjoy.

Good Luck
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