Bed bugs of a different kind....

Contributor: LittleA LittleA
I was in a strapless dress last week and had a tick on my back on my shoulder area, it hadn't been there when i had gotten dressed in the morning and this was only a few hours after. It occurred to me...If I hadn't scratched my back, someone else might have found it on my bare skin! I personally have never had a partner find a tick on me in bed, but I have found ticks on me while in bed (I live in a pretty well populated by ticks area and have a dog that co-habituates with me in my room, sometimes sleeps on my bed).

So my question is, has anyone had a tick found on them, or found one on someone else when having sex? That would be horrible!

I kind of hope not, but these are the thoughts that went through my head when I flushed that damned thing down the toilet.
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Contributor: Rossie Rossie
Oh my gosh, that sounded scary, hope you didn't get bitten by one! Do you routinely apply flea and tick treatment on your dog? I've never had that problem with mine, I apply Frontline Plus on my poodle monthly. I think I'll go nuts if I find a tick on my dog, on me, or anywhere in my house!
Contributor: funluvinmama funluvinmama
I have found 2 on myself, but that was years ago when I was in high school. We lived in an area where there was thick trees and brush. I had a small dog that would pick them up and bring them into my room at night.

Thankfully I've never found one during sex, that would be such a turn off.
Contributor: Peggi Peggi
Oh wow! That's horrible! I'm sorry! No, I can't say I've ever found one or had a partner find one during sex, but I've had one before. It was in my ear, on the cartilage part, and my parents had to cut in my ear and burn the tick with a hot, just burned out match. It was scary. I was a kid
Contributor: js250 js250
My husband had one on his pillow last week. I had one under my left breat Friday and another crawling up my arm a couple weeks ago. We live in a very tic populated, wooded area. A couple years ago I was driving my husband's new truck home and felt my boogers going up my nose by themselves. Thought that was really not good and pretty weird, so I checked. It was a tick!!!!! I almost wrecked his truck and we still get creeped out by that. A few more seconds.....
Contributor: Geogeo Geogeo
Yikes no...I'm not sure what I would do if I found any....I'd be so paranoid.
Contributor: VelvetDragon VelvetDragon
ADJJKSJDkfjkxjjfsks *flail* I am so glad I don't live where there are tons of ticks.

It would certainly halt proceedings if I found a tick on a partner or vice versa, but it's just one of those things. If it's someone you care about they should be more concerned about your health and helping you than how YOUR having a tick affects them.
Contributor: LittleA LittleA
Had to add this, not long after I posted I was in post coital with a guy, and felt something on my arm... tick. Gross!!!!