Communicating About Sex

Communicating About Sex

Ciao. Ciao.
So I ran across this long yes/no/maybe sexual inventory today: Link

And while I think it would be a little bit daunting to run through this whole thing bit-by-bit with a partner there are definitely a ton of really well developed questions on here that are really essential to good sexual communication.

So my question is how have you addressed these sorts of issues in your relationship(s)? Do you talk about things as they come up? Take specific time out to talk about sex and intimacy? Not talk about things at all? A mix?

My partner and I have been together for about a decade so we've done a wide mix of things, but usually it's only when we actually make time to talk about sex related things that we get into the really good conversations that make our relationship and sex lives better.

Would you consider doing an inventory like this for yourself or with a partner?
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Jul!a Jul!a
We try to take time to discuss things in advance that we think may be a problem, but for the most part we've been tackling things as they come up.
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