Craziest masturbatory regret.

Craziest masturbatory regret.

0letitgrow 0letitgrow
Just wanted to hear some funny stories is all.
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CamelliaGirl CamelliaGirl
My sister walked in on me on my first visit home from college. Skirt up, hand working furiously. I stopped, completely appalled.

By some miracle she didn't notice, and said, "Dude, when are we gonna go shopping?"

I said, "Dude, give me two minutes."

She realized what was going on and left bright red. We spent the whole rest of the day apologizing to each other
Snozzberries Snozzberries
I think I've repressed most of the embarrassing stories. Except this one.

When I first discovered masturbation, like most teenagers, I looked for any any ANY kind of sexual subject matter to get me off. I had a half dozen romance novels secreted away behind my bed and I took them all out and headed to the bathroom one day when my mom was busy cleaning the garage (or something). Since I read pretty fast, I opened them all up to the pages I had marked and laid a towel over them to keep them open to the right spots.

Well, my mom came in the house to get some laundry and, what do you know, she barged right into the bathroom. Where I had all the books under the towel that she picked up.

"Six? Six books? Well alright then." That's all she said.

I was MORTIFIED. I closed up all the books and hid them away to where I would never be tempted by them again. I don't know if she knew what I was doing or if she just thought I was strange.


Still can't read more than one romance novel at a time.
ViVix ViVix
Originally posted by 0letitgrow
Just wanted to hear some funny stories is all.
Weird...I can't think of any off of the top of my head.
Trysexual Trysexual
When I was a young teen 15ish I thought I had a finite amount of sperm. I also shot huge loads of cum all over the sheets when I masturbated. I still remember my first orgasm, that kinda came on by accident and trial/error after hours of rubbing my cock against the sheets (enough to bleed a bit from friction). It was pitch black and I thought I was hemorraging blood. I've never seen so much cum before. Soaked the sheets and my shirt. Pleasurable, but more scary to really enjoy what happened. I never did really have wet dreams, like a boy was supposed to.

Anyway..after a few sessions of that I had been reading some books about sex and delayed ejaculation etc...I then taught myself to squeeze my penis below the head on the urethra to stop ejaculation (well the idea in the book was to stop you from having one). I went a step further and prevented the cum from spurting out and making a mess that my mom would discover. I also did this with my first GF during petting sessions, til she convinced me to let it all go. The cum would basically go back where it came from, and was slightly painful and uncomfortable. I used to shoot so far, it would get on my or her face/hair and the pillows, even the wall behind the bed on a good night. Those were the days! I used to have to pull out and aim carefully to avoid an inadvertent facial.

The embarrassment comes from being so ignorant and risking that I could have/did damage my penis/internal plumbing from doing that. I knew more than most about sex at that point too, though not in practice...just from books. I desperately searched for books to assure myself I would not run out of sperm and be humiliated later in life when I wanted to have kids. I don't remember how long I did that, but eventually learned to let it go and kept some crusty old towels in my closet...I'm sure my mother discovered them at some point and never brought it up.
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