Did going to college help make you more sexually adventurous?

Contributor: mailroomorder mailroomorder
College really broadened my horizons.
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
2  (22%)
5  (56%)
I didn't go to college
1  (11%)
I became much more adventurous after college
1  (11%)
I'm not very adventurous in the first place
Total votes: 9
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Contributor: Taylor Taylor
When I went to college the first time before I dropped out I was really involved with the Christian groups on campus, so sexual exploration really didn't happen for me until after that. When I went back to college a few years later at a community college it didn't seem like the same amount of opportunities were there for that as they were at the university when I was 18 or 19.
Contributor: novanilla novanilla
I think the things I studied and people I hung out with validated my experiences and helped me have new ones. I also met many people and got out of my small town and high school relationship that weren't the best for sex.
Contributor: thegogofiasco thegogofiasco
Originally posted by mailroomorder
College really broadened my horizons.
I didn't go to college; I broadened my horizons on my own.
Contributor: GirlyGirlRed GirlyGirlRed
Contributor: babyrock babyrock
yeah, it was fun