Do men care what labia look like? - from Em and Lo

Do men care what labia look like? - from Em and Lo

Em & Lo Em & Lo
We [|asked our Wise Guys} recently, “What is the general consensus on women with big labia, or longer inner labia, or dark labia? Does it really matter? With the rise in labiaplasty surgery and all the adult men’s mags only showing only 'neat and tidy' vulvas, it’s hard to figure out if this is just some manufactured porn ideal or a vast preference among men…?”

Our Wise Guys swore they have no preference... and we'd like to think they weren't just being nice. Do you agree? Straight men/lesbians: Have you ever met a set of labia you didn't like? Women: Have you ever experienced labia prejudice? Or, even if you haven't experienced it, do you feel insecure about your labia?
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Blinker Blinker
From my lays, they've not cared. Although I have overheard some drunken male friends comparing "pussy lips" of their conquests. Labia were compared to Ray Liotta's facial features, elderly gentlemen, Georgia O'Keefe paintings, and expired, craggy pumpkins and other decorative autumn produce (all of which can fall into the Ray Liotta category, now that I think of it). Although they complained and had laughs, the general consensus always was "I don't care. I'd fuck her again." In the end, it's about the vagina as a means of sexual satisfaction, not a posh decorated accessory they plan to dangle from their rearview mirrors.
sweet sally sweet sally
i actually used to be Self-conscious about the way i looked, but frankly i just don't give a rats ass anymore.

i think it has a lot to do with having a very caring and generous lover who tells me on a regular basis how much he loves my body.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
I'm speechless, really ... this is actually an issue with some people???

Hope I never meet them. They may not like where my mole is on my inner thigh, either.
Yoda Yoda
Of course guys have a preference, just as both men and women do with every other part of a potential mate's body. I'm not suggesting that it's a deal breaker or anything, but ever body has their ideals.
Barbarossa Barbarossa
I really don't think guys care all that much.

Sure, there is a variety of vulva types out there but I have never heard guys talk about it. Frankly, it has never really crossed my mind much either except to note that they are different. Even within porn I have seen many different types - larger/smaller labia, different colors, etc - and none of them have failed to get me riled up.

To paraphrase what many women say to men - I am much more concerned with who the vulva is attached to. If I find her attractive and sexy I would say it is close to a sure thing that I will find her vulva wildly attractive as well.
Tuesday Tuesday
We should make this an anonymous poll. I'm curious about this. I'm well endowed in the labia and clitoris department, but no one has commented except one guy who I questioned about it. He said that most guys would not be pleased with how big my labia are (he used the word 'repulsed' - God, it hurts to type that), but that he didn't mind. More to wrap around his cock he said.
Alicia Alicia
I think that men probably have a preference, but I don't think that most actually dislike any. I also think (and well...HOPE) that men would love their partner's labia because it's their partner's. Just like my husband loves my body even though it's far from perfect, I'd hope that most men would love their partner's genitals regardless of what they look like. Besides, differences are what make the world interesting! It'd be boring if we all looked exactly alike..both inside and outside our pants!
Avant-garde Avant-garde
Its not really on my list of preferences, lol.
Sera Sera
Originally posted by Em & Lo
We [|asked our Wise Guys} recently, “What is the general consensus on women with big labia, or longer inner labia, or dark labia? Does it really matter? With the rise in ...
I didn't think the look of the labia even mattered.
Alura Une Alura Une
Thank you for the link up there--I enjoyed some of the comments!

I have been to a lot of places on the internet that seem to imply that only pretty juvenile males care. Some of the criticism is pretty stupid, cruel, the terms are crude. Someone needs to add some occasional dangle to their textbook ladies or something. Poor ignorant kids. But some will eventually learn about the spice of life if they get enough of what young people want to do...

I think it's OK to have some preference! I myself like un-cut guys. But I wouldn't think less of a man if he was cut.

Some men do show preference for longer labia, larger clits, so on. I think in some places it's displayed as a sort of fetish of the extreme. I think that's pretty silly.

In a lot of porn, we don't see a lot of lip. I assume magazines just want a "neat" look in all things. In some ways I appreciate this care, but it's a bit much to demand one kind of labia or to Photoshop the hell out of them. I like just a little more variety and I think a lot of men might, too.

The good news is that some photographers of the erotic may be helping to change ignorance and opinions. There are some websites that have stunning models, artistic photography, and a little variety of body types. The ladies are elegant--to bring up stupid terms relating to meat seems like blasphemy.

World views might vary quite a lot. I think I see more lip in Asian porn and some erotic Japanese art. I wonder how men feel about it in Asia (Insight please?). In some places in Africa, I believe long labia are sexually desirable to the point where stretching is sometimes done. An interesting contrast to places on the same continent that practice pleasure-reducing genital mutilation.

Funny, we speak against female circumcision in the west yet practice it.

But, yeah. I would guess the reality is that most guys don't have a great amount of preference. I think some guys might be saddened by a girl who was really shy about her parts. Show them to your man and make him enjoy!
Vaccinium Vaccinium
Every guy is different. It would be well, well down my list of features on which I would base attractiveness, but for some guys, something they found unappealing might very well drive them away.
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