Do you ever get tired of pretending to be someone else?

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Originally posted by Chilipepper
I call it "degrees of exposure" or "the onion effect" - there are tons of layers, and it all depends on who you are that gets what layers or degrees. Every layer is Real and Me. It's not lying or pretending, it's simply ... more
I love both of those terms! I also like the term "multi-faceted". I think there is a big difference between actually pretending to think or feel differently than you really do, and simply showing the side of yourself that is appropriate for a given situation or companion. Directness is good, but tact and diplomacy are good as well.

I love the mention of the Myers-Briggs types, too! Mine's INFP, though for the longest time I had myself fooled into thinking that I was an INTP. Now I have to go see if there are any threads on that topic.
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I definitely feel that way sometimes!
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Originally posted by Jaimes
Welcome to the South, folks! Sorry for the long post that is about to ensue, but as an actor, and as a southerner, this is a HUGELY fascinating subject that I tend to discuss often, especially with friends who don't come from this very ... more
I swear to god, Jaimes, we have got to be sisters!!!! Miss you, love you!! This is a great explanation for both of out personalities.
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I mainly wish I could express myself more.