Do you think that prostitution should be legal?

Do you think that prostitution should be legal?

Booktease Booktease
I have heard both sides of this argument and now I want to know YOUR side of the argument. If you could also elaborate on your vote that would be great. For example, why do you feel the way you do? How do you think our world would change if it were legal, etc?
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Yes, prostitution should be legal.
Ghost , Gallowraven , namelesschaos , AngelvMaynard , Ansley , Linga , Jul!a , G.L. Morrison , padmeamidala , ToyBoy , Starkiller87 , joja , Yaoi Pervette (deleted) , newlady , LaLaLouise , null , alliegator , anonymouse58 , RonLee , Karen Affeldt , Alan & Michele , slynch , Istanbull , Petite Valentine , PassionQT , LostBoy988 , tkphoto6 , froggiemoma , jg19 , SilverIsis , potstickers
31  (78%)
No, prostitution should not be legal.
NarcissisticLust , married with children , ijako9
3  (8%)
I don't know if prostitution should be legal.
darthkitt3n , ily , ToyGurl , sexyintexas , Lummox , Jon S
6  (15%)
Total votes: 40
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Ghost Ghost
Definitely. For one, it could be regulated and prostitutes would be mandated to have regular health checks and STD testing, and documentation. For two, it would help to reduce the stigma associated with prostitution and would probably foster a better client-attitude toward prostitutes. These things would also help to prevent abuse because 1) clients would be forced to treat prostitutes with respect because it is now a legitimate, paid service, 2) prostitutes would be able to report abuse to the police without fear of being arrested or threatened by the police.
Gallowraven Gallowraven
I agree, if it were legalized, it could be regulated, taxed, and so forth. while some people think things shouldn't be taxed, the money that builds roads, goes to the disabled, etc. has to come from somewhere. and if it were regulated, there would be places of business that are regularly cleaned, the prostitutes would be checked for diseases, and there could even be a set of regulations for the customer. such as requiring proof of being free of life threatening communicable diseases. just an example. I wouldn't think the prostitutes working should be exposed to the diseases, just like I don't think any of the customers should be exposed to the diseases. just like doctors working on a patient, take extra special precaution to avoid fluid transfer in either direction. the stigma associated with it may never go away, but it is the worlds oldest profession, and a rather lucrative one at that.
Linga Linga
Yes I do and for all the obvious reasons. Health of the workers and clients, better working conditions and hell tax them! So much money is spent and earned in that industry that could be taxed to help with the recent economic crisis.
Jul!a Jul!a
I believe it should be for pretty much the same reasons everybody else here does. It won't eliminate the stigma, but it will reduce it. At the same time, it will also become something we can tax and regulate and bring additional income in to hopefully prevent taxes from being raised more. If it became a legitimate profession, then the people who chose that as their profession could qualify to get health care which would help prevent the spread of diseases or infections and prostitutes would also be able to report abuse without having to worry about going to jail.
Starkiller87 Starkiller87
I think it should be legal but not on a street walker level. I think if they let people have brothels it's a great idea. You can manage the sanitary and health aspects of your girls and area. You can tax it. And its safer.
I think its peoples right to pay for it if they want to.
Yaoi Pervette (deleted) Yaoi Pervette (deleted)
It is my hope that legalized prostitution would take away business from sex traffickers. Too many young girls are held captive, abused, and forced to perform sex acts for cruel pimps. We need to stop these people in their tracks.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
It would certainly make the filling out of tax forms easier for those in the profession; my ex-husband was a tax preparer in Arkansas and one of his clients was a prostitute who paid her taxes (no, not 'Sweet sweet Connie'). She listed her profession as 'organ player'.

I'm definitely more concerned with the health and rights aspects of legalizing it.

However, I expect there will be a thriving business in the Craig's List 'Personals' section under 'Casual Encounters' ... because it won't be the prostitutes themselves that would object to the regulation, but the customers who want to remain anonymous and keep the 'forbidden' thrill to it.
LaLaLouise LaLaLouise
There is a town in Nevada (I wanna say within a couple hours of Vegas, but I can't remember the name) that is the one and only place in America that prostitution is legal. I saw something about it on TV. They featured a brothel where all available ladies stand in a row and the client basically gets to select which one. There are all tested for STDs once a month, the facilities are kept clean, protection is always used, the women and clients treat one another with respect. I think that if this were an effect everywhere, then yes, it would be acceptable for it to be legal.
Karen Affeldt Karen Affeldt
I have never understood why it's illegal. It's totally a victimless crime between two consenting adults.
Yaoi Pervette (deleted) Yaoi Pervette (deleted)
Originally posted by Karen Affeldt
I have never understood why it's illegal. It's totally a victimless crime between two consenting adults.
I wouldn't say it's a totally victimless crime the way things are now. In many cases, the prostitutes themselves are victims of abusive pimps and johns.
Istanbull Istanbull
It's a pointless ban created by churches, like banning the sale of alcohol on sunday mornings.

Legal: A man can have sex with a woman and afterwards he can give her money to go buy new shoes and ice cream.

Legal: A man can spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on a woman outside of his marriage for dinner, drinks, hotel, cloaths, jewelry and even to buy her discretion of their activities AND bang her in every way.

Legal: A man hands money to a woman to have sex with another man while he video tapes it.

Illegal: A single man hands a woman money for the sex.

Where is the logic here?
ToyGurl ToyGurl
Right now I just don't know the answer to what I think on this. Prostitution and pornography are very close in morals, logic, etc. and while one is legal (of course you must be of age to watch/buy porn) the other is illegal.

I think one reason why prostitution is illegal is most likely because of the crime that goes on often involving prostitutes. Working at the planned parenthood we often met with prostitutes who were abused, beaten up and just in horrible shape coming in and wanting to end their pregnancies. Men don't always want safe sex, and once they are in the confines of the man's home they risk being hurt if he is violent. At the hospital I am currently with we even see male prostitutes hurt like this. Less often, but we still see it.

Now, I don't know tons about pornstars but it seems safer to be a pornstar than to be a prostitute.
sexyintexas sexyintexas
I think it should be legalized but i also agree having strict guidelines. Having it legal to walk corners, how would the john know that she was clean? In a regulated setting (brothel) where testing and clenliness were mandatory I would support it.
ToyGurl ToyGurl
Originally posted by sexyintexas
I think it should be legalized but i also agree having strict guidelines. Having it legal to walk corners, how would the john know that she was clean? In a regulated setting (brothel) where testing and clenliness were mandatory I would support it.
Yes. If there were some sort of organizations who offered these services that had health regulations and whatnot, I would definitely say that it is okay. I'm against the abuse and STD's that the prostitutes contract against their will as I mentioned above. Not to mention pregnancies.
LostBoy988 LostBoy988
Its unfortunate there are very few legal places in the USA that allow for legal prostitution. I'm more against it due to the nature of the political / religious constrictions.
jg19 jg19
I think they should make it legal and then tax it just like drugs. Personally i dont do drugs but the war on drugs is unwinnable. Make it legal and all the money being wasted on it is saved as well as the new funds the gov't would get from taxing it.
ijako9 ijako9
Doesn't that take away the fun and challenge of "picking up" people when you go out?
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