Dorm rooms

Contributor: LavenderSkies LavenderSkies
For all of you living on campus, how do you find your own time for masturbation? Do you have a "schedule"/alotted certain times to it? Has your roommate interfered with it? Where do you keep your toys? Do you buy toys with "bees" toys because of this?

This isn't limited to those living in dorms now, if you ever once lived in a dorm please feel free to share as well!
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Contributor: Crash Crash
When I lived in a dorm, I would usually do it quietly in the bathroom, usually when my roommate was gone. We shared the bathroom with 2 suite-mates so I couldn't really check to see if they were there. Hopefully they didn't notice. I would try to schedule based on when they were gone and I would never have done it in the main room, but that's just me. We also had private closets. If your roommate isn't comfortable with masturbating or talking about sex it could be difficult to find time.
Contributor: DeliciousSurprise DeliciousSurprise
I've always had my own room within a larger apartment complex in college. I do prefer more quiet toys than louder toys because the walls are thin, but when I need privacy I can always go into the bathroom and turn on the shower so the noise is blocked.
Contributor: Vaccinium Vaccinium
I think for guys it can be a lot simpler since we tend not to have any toys, at least at that age. Personally, I just tried to rub one out while my roommate was supposed to be at class. Only once did I have a roommate walk in on me while I was doing it, but I was lying in my bed with the comforter covering my feet, so the second I heard the door open, I pulled up the cover and faked that I was napping.
Contributor: SexyStuff SexyStuff
I vote while showering too
Contributor: Mistress M. Mistress M.
When I lived on Campus, I always had my own room. So masturbating was never a problem for me. However, when my girlfriend came over for the weekend, that was a different story...
Contributor: moonch1ld moonch1ld
It was pretty difficult for me. I had two other roommates in a tiny room and both were very foreign and did not speak much English at all. We never really talked or worked anything out so I'd just take advantage of the times they were away and hope I'd be quick enough when I heard the key in the door. I guess if you get into the pattern of keeping your door locked all the time then that will give you some extra time when you're up to something.
Contributor: yes yes yes yes yes yes
eh i had a bunk bed... never stopped me when they were below.
Contributor: starsNairguitars starsNairguitars
i always figure out time slots where i knew my roommate will be gone and did it then.

there were a few times where she came back early and unexpectedly. it was embarrassing but i've walked in on her too lol
Contributor: hornypoet69 hornypoet69
Yeah, you do it when your roommate is out. Also I was usually mostly clothed, or entirely clothed. Wearing loose clothing, you can just reach in and get it done. Then if your roommate walks in, you just whip your hand out of your pants, and close your porn. Simple as that.
Contributor: EndlessFrost EndlessFrost
I'm living in a dorm right now, but I don't have a roommate, so I just have to keep my toys reasonably quiet and hidden during the day, since people so love to come knocking at the most random times. My RA has some kind of anti-sexytime senses or something.
Contributor: socceras socceras
in the bathroom
Contributor: Theaadrian Theaadrian
Yeah I'm about to get my first sex toy and have no idea when I'm going to use it. Cuz I have two roommates, and I'm rarely alone.
Contributor: Jammin14580 Jammin14580
My roommate went out a lot. I just locked the door and had my fun.
Contributor: LAndJ LAndJ
When I lived on campus last year, my roommate went home every Friday as soon as her classes were over and didn't come back until Monday morning. This was a guarantee for every weekend.
Contributor: LAndJ LAndJ
Originally posted by LAndJ
When I lived on campus last year, my roommate went home every Friday as soon as her classes were over and didn't come back until Monday morning. This was a guarantee for every weekend.
My best friend lives in suites with her own room, but she said she just takes extra long showers sometimes since she thinks you can hear through her walls.
Contributor: NoneNone NoneNone
They'll probably have a class or two when you don't so you'll have some time to yourself
Contributor: jennifur77 jennifur77
I had roommates who had their boyfriends over while I was in the room. Now that I had problems with! Especially because we had bunk beds and I was in the bed below.