Favorite Career For Your Partner

Favorite Career For Your Partner

xilliannax xilliannax
I was watching Dr Drew and one of the guys asked if his only dating strippers was normal, it got me to thinking do you have better luck with certain type of professional partners?
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
Better Luck with people who have careers and career goals
Better Luck with people who have no career or career goals (but they still have a job)
I prefer the unemployeed because I like taking care of people
I prefer the unemployeed because ___________ (please fill in the blank)
Never noticed a trend
Other (Please explain!)
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solitudinarian solitudinarian
Well, I don't have a lot to go on, but my first and current boyfriend is unemployed. We both love to learn, but for the sake of learning rather than in order to attain a certain career. I'm in school at the moment, but I have no idea what I want to do because nothing seems to suit my introverted personality. He can't get a job because people think he is too intelligent for the jobs he is applying for and that he will get bored. Yet he can't exactly afford further higher education. I think we'd both be "professional students" if we could afford it. He seems a better match for me at this time in my life. I guess I can relate to him more as growing up, my mum was always unemployed due to chronic back pain. If we have kids some day then having a job will become more important. He is looking for a job at the moment, but they are rarely easy to obtain. I had one not long ago but they just stopped giving me hours... good old casual work. My experiences with employment have been nightmares so far.

My only real prior experience with a guy was when I had a fuck buddy. He was working a ridiculous amount of hours a day, even at a young age. Very career minded. Couldn't relate to him at all. I really was trying to get a job during the time that I knew him, but he made me feel like it was my fault that I wasn't good at interviews.
Taylor Taylor
Almost everyone I've ever dated has been some sort of engineer. I kind of like the geeky type though.
squire squire
I tend to draw women who are pretty driven and strong willed. This, in turn, is reflected in their career paths and priorities. It's hard though, as the further I got into my education the more noticed that I was surrounded with professionals and doctors as friends. Makes sense I guess, proximity being a key feature in partner selection.
Geogeo Geogeo
I'm more attracted to men who have hands-on careers or trades like a carpenter, electrician etc. It's manly and useful and incredibly sexy for those reasons. I'm in the publishing industry and I find literary men to be too girly for me. (no offense to them personally)
js250 js250
I never thought of this before, but every man I dated was a construction worker. Building construction of some type, but yeah. Interesting.
Ansley Ansley
I like men who have trade skills. No matter what industry they are in, their work ethic better match mine or we're going to have terrible, terrible fights about it. I work hard and I play hard, anything less is unacceptable to me.
Love Obsessed Love Obsessed
I use to like being with teachers but,if I had good luck with that I would be married to one.Now I really don't have a particular career that I prefer.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
As long as they have a job, period. I'm not supporting a man-child with mommy issues and the inability to hold onto a job ever again.
bayosgirl bayosgirl
Originally posted by Chilipepper
As long as they have a job, period. I'm not supporting a man-child with mommy issues and the inability to hold onto a job ever again.
THIS, girlfriend!
P'Gell P'Gell
Originally posted by Taylor
Almost everyone I've ever dated has been some sort of engineer. I kind of like the geeky type though.
LOL! My Man is an engineer, many of my friend's husbands are engineers, and I have a new (female) friend who is also an engineer, as is her husband. I work in Health Care, but must attract the Engineering type.

When I was dating, I had a few rules, boy or man must be IN school, boy or man must have job, boy or man must either be IN college, have plans and prospects to go to college (if still in High School) or be finished with college and have a job.

My first boyfriend was unemployed and had dropped out of High School. No prospects, no desire to work and he took a LOT of drugs. I learned a lot quickly and realized I need a man who has goals and will, if necessary take ANY job to get where he is going.

My Man is a Senior Staff Engineer and Project Leader, (One step down from "Scientist" as a rating, which is the highest Engineer Class, where he works) and is highly intelligent. At one point, he worked in a grocery store and at a fast food chicken place, he worked landscaping and driving a truck while he was going to school. He didn't "like" those jobs he said he was bored shitless, (he was ripped the summer he worked landscaping, right before he got his degree) but it was building himself for the market place and for the work place. After he finished college he got a good job with a well known electronics firm and has worked his way up the ranks.

He said those shitty jobs did a lot for him; one of which was to help him know "I don't EVER want to have to do this for the rest of my life. I'd better get my ass an education to get a better paying job that won't break me before I'm 50."

I set my standards high, and so did he. He was looking for a woman who would be a good wife and mother, as well as intelligent, educated and nurturing. Despite his sometimes lack of social graces, he needs nurturing a lot. We're also both musicians (although rarely play anymore) and he does art with wood working.

We both pretty much got what we set out for. I don't think I ever said, "I'm going to marry an engineer." But, I did want a man who could and would support a family. I didn't want to struggle badly (and we have struggled some, like most middle class people in this economy) but I know it would have been worse if he hadn't gotten the education and job he has.

Weird, because everybody thought I was going to marry a doctor. How cliche.
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