For The Men: Dating and Sex

Contributor: celibacysucks celibacysucks
How long would you be willing to wait to have sex with a woman you were dating?

I recently started dating again after a long hiatus, and I am not eager to jump into the sack with whichever random guy I meet. However, it seems the "rule" for sex these days is the third date. That is wayyyy to fast for me, I like to get to know someone and warm up to them before getting naked. So how long would you wait?
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Contributor: Yoda Yoda
I think it's pretty stupid to buy into popular convention when it comes to sex after X amount of dates. Every person is different and every couple is different. Some people you might connect with quickly, others take longer. The person your dating should earn your trust, and I don't think a person should give it up just to get into a relationship.
Contributor: bobowaxer bobowaxer
I'm with Yoda on this one.I can't see how any pre-set time frame is practical or beneficial to anyone.I think it's more a matter of chemistry rather than duration.
Contributor: guard083 guard083
I wouldn't follow a rule, just your gut.