Great morning...fully dressed!!! Anyone ever have sex with ALL their cloths on?

Great morning...fully dressed!!! Anyone ever have sex with ALL their cloths on?

Bignuf Bignuf
Even for us old married folks, this is unusual...but I think having wife and I reading all the posts daily has SPICED UP the sex life and TURNED UP the juices a notch. (Thanks EF, and THANKS EF Forum posters). Anyway, we were about to go out grocery shopping a few hours ago. Actually about to walk out of the house. My wife got out of bed VERY early to "degloss" her kitchen cabinets she is refinishing (don't lecture me about the GUY job...she wants me NO WHERE near her painting projects). Anyway, I mentioned "I missed out morning wake up, "don't need to be at work" session, that is always a part of Saturday or Sunday morning..or both. She said "Oh Sorry", and literally reaches up, and pulls down and off her panties, props her leg up on the kitchen chair (Captain Morgan style), hikes up her skirt and says "come over here and let's get this quicky done!!!". I already had car keys and coupons in hand.

When I walked over to her, she simply undid my zipper and pulls me out and bends down long enough to suck me rigid, props her leg back up and we did it there, fully dressed, standing in the kitchen!!!! Afterwords, she put a couple tissues into her panties (said she would have left them off...but didn't want to start DRIPPING in public!!!) and walks off to the car.

I walked around the grocery store and Sears with a "cat that ate the canary" grin all morning. Of course, it was not till just now, I noticed the "natural lube" stain around my zipper...I just hope no one noticed on my black pants!!!

WOW...that was fun. Anyone else ever do the deed fully dressed, for whatever reason???
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MaryExy MaryExy
After the security guard incident, that's pretty much the only way my ex and I did it...
Waterfall Waterfall
I've had sex in my clothes, in the Summmer time, just moved the shorts to the side It's been a while since I have done this though.
sarki sarki
El-Jaro El-Jaro
that's one of my biggest kinks/fetishes ---> sex with clothes on.
aliceinthehole aliceinthehole
we do it all the time. until JR mentioned it i didnt realize it may be a fetish of my beau's. i prefer naked (and he likes heavy metal music and i like indie rock) and so just thought he was being lazy...

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