Has your 'sex toy stash' ever been discovered?

Has your 'sex toy stash' ever been discovered?

Oriens Angelic Oriens Angelic
And if so, by whom- and how did you handle it?

My girlfriend and I are at a bit of a loss in present, due to a rather embarrassing (but hilarious) incident this morning. After a very busy night, we left a large assortment of our toys- none of which appear discreet- strewn about the bedroom and left the stash drawer itself open, which had a myriad of others out on display. She had an early shift today and we left the room as it was, not having the energy or time to tidy up.

We live with my mother for college purposes, and we have told her multiple times to stay out of our bedroom. Normally this is not a problem, but today she took it upon herself to retrieve laundry and tidy up while we were absent. The toys are precisely where we left them, but they were blatantly strewn around and I KNOW she saw them. A big 'ol Hitachi, realistic dildos, toy cleaner, lube, anal beads- just about everything under the sun.
Like I said, last night was a busy one...

She has not brought up her discovery, and I doubt she will. But considering that she is unaware that we are in a relationship (Or in denial, considering we've slept in the same bed for two years.), surely she knows now that there's toys all over the place.

Should we simply write this one off and not mention it whatsoever? I think she must be more embarrassed than we are, considering we'd given her ample warning to stay out.
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Unfortunately yes it was during our wedding and some toys were in our car when my sister decided to go exploring. Wasn't funny at all. But I try and laugh it off whenever my friends bring it up.
MrWishyWashy MrWishyWashy
No, not yet.
*Camoprincess* *Camoprincess*
I haven't really experienced this besides my mom looking through my pantie drawer for me when I was away working but I needed to know about an important paper an she found my glass piece I totally forgot about. Also her an my dad came in my room while I was gone a few weeks ago because the dish box in my room controls another T.V. in the house as well an my mom seen my lube and my red rabbit on the headboard. Oh well I am of age and they know I have them so no biggie on my end of things. In your situation I would write it off if she hasn't said anything, I would also recommend getting locking doorknob that you can get for $7ish or so dollars at Wal*Mart an lock the door. I had to do this when my nosy sister would come around because she would want to use my computer and camera when I wasn't home. Just make sure you and your girlfriend each have a key
Nope, but I've had some very close calls!
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