Have any of you fashioned for yourself a faux lover/partner or otherwise found a creative way to mount a dildo or fleshlight to simulate sex?

Have any of you fashioned for yourself a faux lover/partner or otherwise found a creative way to mount a dildo or fleshlight to simulate sex?

Trillian Trillian
For times you were horny and didn't have a partner or they were gone for a while.
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Yes (explain below)
6  (33%)
No but I might if I read some good ideas here
11  (61%)
1  (6%)
Total votes: 18
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MaryExy MaryExy
I have used my Wing, that's it.
Istanbull Istanbull
WOW! How much room do we have here?

I made my own toys up till I was living on my own and even after that took a decade to buy some of my own. I always bought my fleshlights and jacker sleaves.

Dildos are another story. Only recently did I finaly buy real ones. I made them out of all kinds of things but none of them stand up to the boughten ones.

Mounting them was always fun. I used to like sticking my fleshlights in between the box spring and mattress so I had hands free motion. When it comes to dildos I've tried attaching them to bed post, toilet lids and doors. Many times I made fuck machines out of power tools and wood. They worked very well and in fact the only reason I no longer build them is because once I got using one, I couldn't stop. It was amazing to be able to just get in doggy position or lay on my back/side and let the machine do all the work. The fact it gave my hands so much freedom and it could pound me fast and hard was addictive. I dismantled it to protect myself from going to the hospital from being fucked too much. I miss it very much but know I must never have one again.
LostBoy988 LostBoy988
I haven't tried yet
Eucaly Eucaly
Except for putting one between pillows or hugging pillows during, no.

But it makes me think about those "manllow" (man-pillow) things with celebrity faces that get made fun of on so many websites.
Annemarie Annemarie
Originally posted by MaryExy
I have used my Wing, that's it.
Ditto, but my BonBon (and I've only used it twice in the couple months I've had it..)
ToyBoy ToyBoy
I have never, but I know someone who has put a pillow inside a pair of jeans, duct taped the base of a dildo to the pillow and put it through the front hole of jeans, then used that.
CafeSabroso CafeSabroso
Though it's not the most sturdy mount, the Bon Bon also does a pretty good job of holding Fleshlights for doggy-style hands-free penetration. Works well for me.
Shellz31 Shellz31
I have the Wing and Pulse that do the job for me. I'll be adding the BonBon soon too!
newfoundlust newfoundlust
I got my wife a Wing, and it works well to hold either her dildo type toys or for my Fleshlight.
married with children married with children
never have, but I have a bon bon coming this week.
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