Have you ever "done it" with the shades wide open, knowing passerby's might peek?

Have you ever "done it" with the shades wide open, knowing passerby's might peek?

Bignuf Bignuf
Mr Bignuf here....I was out of town,on business. Our company keep a high end apartment for staff traveling to this site, so I was in that apartment for three days, not a hotel. One evening, well after midnight, I couldn't sleep and was walking by their elegant pool (has a waterfall, water slide...etc.), no one else around. However, when I was walking back to my unit, there, near the pool, was an apartment...lights on, shades fully open to the bedroom, and a couple going at it HARD. I could not have put a porn DVD in and gotten a better view. They HAD to know they were putting on a public show.

The next night I went back out, from curiosity, but the lights were out.

The final night I was there, once again, it was SHOW TIME. He was behind her,banging away, both of them not wearing a stitch on. I guess it was real exhibitionism, since they were old enough to KNOW people could see them (mid 20 somethings).

I found it amazing that IF they do this often, no one else was out there watching (this was NOT a peeping tom thing, as I was literally in the pool area and their window was ten feet away at the exact same level), or that no one had complained or had them "talked to".

I is an adult only complex, but still...that was, INTERESTING. (NO...I did not stand there and watch the "show" by the way). I did call my wife and had phone sex, however!!!

Anyone else ever put on a show like this for YOUR neighbors? Have you ever been called on it?
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Ansley Ansley
Yep, on the 26th floor of a very famous hotel. Curtains wiiiiiide open.
edeneve edeneve
yes..did it, that wasn't the point of the "activity", though
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