Have you ever tried sex play with an ENGLISH Cucumber???

Have you ever tried sex play with an ENGLISH Cucumber???

Bignuf Bignuf
Okay, so we are emptying out all the "how to" adult books from my over TOY crowded nightstand and we find the book about using FOOD in sex, I bought years ago..glanced at, but never read. Inside is an article we must have cut out from some old magazine (maybe Penthouse Forum???), but it speaks about using ENGLISH cucumbers as "always smooth, wet, dildos".

I have TONS of really nice toys, so other then a bit of grape or strawberry play, we don't do a lot with FOOD in our bedroom (we DO keep chocolates handy...but that is another matter, and we HAVE been known to play with Pop Rocks and Lollipops...but again, that "ain't" food).

SO...a while later we are in the supermarket buying our NORMAL groceries, and my hubby picks up a couple EXTRA English Cucumbers (we LOVE them better then regular cucumbers for salads and cooking now. Less middle, more crunch...last longer. VERY good flavor..etc).

Anyway, with a gleam in his eye, and a wink to me, he puts them in the cart, and I KNOW what is coming (cumming? ), and so once home, after the groceries are put away (BOTH our least favorite chore on earth), he washes two of the cucumbers VERY carefully with antibacterial kitchen soap....before cutting at all. He then peels one, "as is" and peels the other half way and trims it up to make it about half it's normally slim diameter. I KNOW where each of those is going.

Well, a while later we have played it all out and let me tell you...we just added some new occasional fun to our repertoire. Vaginally, the veggie was very smooth and stayed SO slick....no lube needed. At first, when he put it near me it was COLD, so he made me "suck it" and that warmed it up nicely (hard to resist the urge to bite it, however).

The slimmed up one was a unique feeling when introduced anally. Of course, there is NO "flange" and HE never let go of the end (unpeeled end), as he put it in me, but even if he had, it only went in where he "slimmed it up". I am sure some of you folks would accommodate the full thickness, but it was NEVER going to go in me, even if I had tried. About six inches of the slimmed up/trimmed up peeled end went in and it provided pretty much it's own "lube" for about five minutes. Felt really amazing. SOME slight soft give, but firm enough to gently thrust. Sadly, I could not accommodate both at once, so no "double" fun, but after about five minutes of anal play it started to dry out and as hubby was about to apply some lube, he felt it start to "split" along the length, so we pulled it out and decided to call it a day on that game...rather then have it break off inside me (where I am pretty sure I could have pushed it out, but who wants to chance that?).

Anyway, WE now will be buying EXTRA English Cucumbers, when we want to spice things up....so HOW ABOUT YOU? Ever tried adding this wonderful salad green to YOUR love life???
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YES, we have used this veggie for fun.
No...never heard of it, but want to try now.
Nope, not for me. Veggies in the kitchen, toys in the bedroom.
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HUH????? You MUST be kidding. WHY would anyone try this?
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unfulfilled unfulfilled
I never want to consider my cucumbers anything other than something delicious to eat or to be made into pickles.
P'Gell P'Gell
Uh, no. Not my thing. IMO, good quality sex toys in safe materials are available. Food has sugars, Ph variables, possible bacterium and perhaps chemicals and all kinds of things that don't belong in my vagina.

I have never done food-sex play and see no reason to. I have a lot of great sex toys and that's what they are for. The reason I buy toys in safe materials to help keep my body and my man's body healthy. I just don't know if putting food in or near my vagina is safe. So I never do it.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
My English Master has yet to make me a mold of his cucumber.
DiscretionAdvised DiscretionAdvised
Never tried cucumbers, but when I was younger, I did use a hot dog inside of a tied off condom... I never told anyone about that until now
Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
I'll echo P'Gell on this one. Food and sex are NOT related to me, and I want to keep it that way. I drop a pretty penny on my toys so that I may have a body safe insertable when I so desire it.
Rossie Rossie
Just like what P'Gell said, food isn't safe for sex play.
Cherrylane Cherrylane
I probably wouldn't want to include food in my sex play in this particular way.

It might have to do with this extremely strange movie I somehow managed to see on HBO as a young child though. Very strange movie indeed. From what I remember, had a lot on a film studio and like, porn stars (NOT one of their adult documentary series). There's some wholesome blonde chick working on set and at some point or another when she's home she diddles herself with a pickle. "Pickling"

I think her grandmother walks in or something not knowing what's going on and might even eat the used pickle.

There's also a scene with what I remember to be a fairly rotund man running around completely naked with full frontal nudity. Tiny penis that looked a bit like a pig tail. No joke.

I've tried finding out what movie it was but have had no such luck lol
K101 K101
Thanks for sharing! Nice story. Never heard of english cucumbers, but I love cucumbers (to eat) so they sound good.

As for using food as toys, noooo. That's rarely a turn on for me. Some edible, safe products that are made for that, I would try, but not food.
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