How do you feel about your exes keeping you in their "Spank Bank"?

Contributor: Shay Shay
Over at The S Spot (link), we've been talking about how we'd feel, knowing that an ex is using our image as masturbation fodder. OR how we'd feel after finding out that a partner's ex was doing the same.
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Flattered - I must have been pretty memorable if they still want to think of me sometimes
deceased , Rayne Millaray , imp , ZenaidaMacroura , Britni TheVadgeWig , Red , LicentiouslyYours , M , Rocky LaFemme , Angel deSanguine , flirt , LikeSunshineDust , Alan & Michele , Darling Dove , Shay , MuffysPinguLove , EffinSara , El-Jaro , SilverVixen , widget87 , her.royal.redness , emme37 , Alicia , DeliciousSurprise , tits only , Lady Venus , Waterfall , ReadyAllTheTime , Airen Wolf , SexyySarah , ~LaUr3n~ , cherryredhead88 , Raggedy Andie , Trashley , A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople) , PussyGalore , Vaccinium , That Guy , Joie de Cherresse , Taylor , toxie m , UnknownGirl , ❦Angel Of Music❦ , TheSinDoll , Fuzzycow , AU , Mandee , SexyStuff , sweet seduction , mllebeauty , Jackol , CAKES , link82 , sarki , CreamySweet , Sex'и'Violence , melissa1973 , kokopelli , Breas , Screaming Violet , Silverdrop , csweatc , averageguyextrodinarypleasure , Antipova , Sohotdinosaur , jc123 , cathy23 , solita , succulenthunny616 , xilliannax , pootpootpoot , Love Obsessed , dhig , roskat , Missmarc , Misfit Momma , Teacookie , Incendiaire , reinkaos , turquoise , LovesAPoet , ToriTastic , SMichelle , rainingapricots , joelb42
85  (49%)
Creeped out - ick that's weird, things are over between us!
Envy , Victoria , NaughtyButterfly , Luscious Lily , sarahbear , OhMy! , Persephone's Addiction , ToyGeek , Persephone Nightmare , Dusk , REDRUM , Mistress M. , loveshocks , deletedacct , The Curious Couple , MaryExy , padmeamidala , JRabbits , Apirka , Curiouscat , Daemonin , idunshire , NarcissisticLust , Eliyahu , inmytoybox , Chami
26  (15%)
Angry - uh, like I said, things are OVER between us!
spicywife , Miss Cinnamon , usmcwife99 , darthkitt3n , Ryuson , ghalik , Ice1 , kittenfacery , Lildrummrgurl7
9  (5%)
Indifferent - meh, thoughts are harmless
gone77 , Nashville , mivox , Sensual Deltagirl , Backseat Boohoo , Tori Rebel , Coralbell , Blinker , the bedroom blogger , Kindred , P'Gell , BadassFatass , Darling Jen , zeebot , VenusianThunder , jankit , lovemuscle n cookie , meganthomas , Shellz31 , joja , stlouisxxx , Kim! , pj1983 , NewEnglandCouple , ninja250 , Do-Re-Mi , (k)InkyIvy , Harpina is gone , DiamondKoala , eroticmutt , Various , js250 , freud13 , ViVix , ToyBunny , Stagger13
36  (21%)
Aroused - I do the same!
thenightgoddess , Jenyana
2  (1%)
Sammi , Delete My Account , Chilipepper , Sweet-Justice , Azakadelliha , potstickers , Stinkytofu10 , Falsepast , gsfanatic , Princess-Kayla ♥ , Tork48309 , Sex Positivity , karenm , Robespierrethecat
14  (8%)
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Contributor: Envy Envy
I wouldn't want pics of any ex to use for anything, so ya, I'd find it creepy if they still had my stuff for their own things. I burned all the pics of my ex, lol!
Contributor: Sammi Sammi
The few exes I had were in Junior/Senior high, so I'd hope they weren't after all this time
Contributor: Victoria Victoria
I wish I could say "Indifferent", but I'd be lying. I'm "Creeped out" all the way. Stalkery exes for both me and the hubs makes for some creepiness, especially when it's been a really long time and they should be over it.
Contributor: Delete My Account Delete My Account
So I went with other because I am still friends with a lot of my past partners and we never really discussed it. I know I am lucky because I have not had a really bad relationship just ones that didn't work out. That being said if it was a relationship that ended terribly I probably would be totally creeped out.
Contributor: imp imp
We had a chat about blogging the other night and how I would feel if I found out if an ex was using my images there for wanking material. Really I don't wanna know what they do but if they are well it's kinda weird in a way.
Contributor: Red Red
I think it's unreasonable to think you have any say about how someone else masturbates. And given that I feel it's an issue that's out of my hands (if I knowingly gave them or let them take photos...), why bother being anything but flattered? Life's too short to take offense to something so minor.
Contributor: Nashville Nashville
I suppose I'd kind of like it if I knew people still got hot and bothered over the thought of me... seeing as I haven't been with someone other than my husband in oh, 7 years. At this point in time though, I'd highly doubt someone would jerk the gerkin over me or the times I had with them but if they did, wouldn't bother me a bit.. and seeing as I'm married and quite satisfied with my DH, I'm not about to encourage that type of behavior from anyone who isn't him... but if it happens and I never knew there was some pervy dude out there still stroking his shaft to moi, it's totally harmless for both them and I.

My husband ex's still masturbating over him? I wouldn't doubt it. He's pretty fucking good looking and he has a huge... wouldn't bother me a bit seeing as he's now all mine.
Contributor: Dragon Dragon
I've often wondered what happened to some pictures that I took well over twenty years ago...

And I know one person thought of me long after we were apart- probably sexually.

But I'm still with the one person that matters, so it's pretty hard to really judge because I didn't separate on an emotional basis.
Contributor: Shay Shay
Originally posted by Red
I think it's unreasonable to think you have any say about how someone else masturbates. And given that I feel it's an issue that's out of my hands (if I knowingly gave them or let them take photos...), why bother being anything but ... more
Yeah, I mentioned in the discussion on my site that we can't control what people think about when they wank. But that doesn't mean you can't have an opinion or thoughts about it. haha
Contributor: Rocky LaFemme Rocky LaFemme
Flattered, creeped out and angry. Get over it already!
Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
I think it depends on how the relationship went down. I have a couple exes that would make me flattered and I have some I'd rather just fell off a cliff. I don't want anything to with them so it's more of a "get a life, already" though.. not really creeped out. I'm possessive and jealous enough, however, that I wouldn't like it one bit if it was my husband and one of his exes
Contributor: Backseat Boohoo Backseat Boohoo
As long as they keep that image private, their thoughts are their own. I would be very upset, however, if an ex and I did some kind of erotic photos or video, and they were immature enough to post it all over the internet as "revenge."
Contributor: Darling Dove Darling Dove
I'm mixed, but mostly I think its flattering. There are some guys who I think are creepy about it though. Like a guy who decided since we werent together he could still attempt to use me to fulfill his mental sexual kinks because his girlfriend was poor at doing everything.
He was really creepy.. just how he talked and stuff. Then I have one friend whom I flirt with on cam and such. I wouldn't mind if he did that. He's not a bad person.
Contributor: El-Jaro El-Jaro
Something to think about: IF someone is getting their jollies off with thoughts of you, they're prolly remembering your better than you actually look. Depending on how long it's been, changes in the meantime, unintentional tweeking, etc They're prolly remembering you as more attractive than you were at the time. There's also a really good chance that since they are thinking about you, you're the hottest person they've been with and want to remember how good their best sex was with you. They're prolly remembering the act more than the actress.

Now, if someone remembers you for a different reason (bad break up) you prolly look a lot worse to their mind's eye.
Contributor: sarahbear sarahbear
There is only one ex I could think of who is probably still doing this and it's creepy on all kind of levels. He's been stalking me since we broke up like 12 years ago and it was a really fucked up relationship.

If I found out my husbands 'ex' was still masturbating to pictures of him I'd likely vary between being really, really smug about it and annoyed/angry/irritate d.
Contributor: Chilipepper Chilipepper
My ego's not large enough to believe anyone would.
Contributor: DeliciousSurprise DeliciousSurprise
I'm torn between flattered and creeped out... It would depend on the circumstances surrounding the breakup and our current relationship... If you're still whacking off to me six years later, that's a little creepy!
Contributor: ToyGeek ToyGeek
That's a weird mix of flattering and creepy. I think I'll choose to not think about this one.
Contributor: Blinker Blinker
I don't mind. I mean they've already seen me naked.
Contributor: SexyySarah SexyySarah
Definitely flattered. Honestly they are going to either think it or have a picture if that is really what they want, so really who cares. Good for them, just because I've moved on, doesn't me that it's not nice to hear that they still got it for ya! lol
Contributor: ~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~
I was flattered. I'd still ask them to remove them or at least not talk to me about it. I don't need to be talking about what they do to masturbate especially if I'm not single.
Contributor: Raggedy Andie Raggedy Andie
I was kind of shocked to hear he still had them at first but then I was flattered. We did some pretty kinky stuff that he told me he hasn't been able to do with his gfs after me. Once I got married though, I asked him to delete them. It just felt wrong then.
Contributor: Trashley Trashley
Flattered as shit! Glad that even when I was shit to them that they'd still think of me when they cum. I think it'd pad my ego a whole bunch
Contributor: A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople) A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople)
Contributor: PussyGalore PussyGalore
Flattered and creeped out by it. If he's still thinking of me while self-loving 13 years after I broke his heart, he might need to be seeing a therapist about that.

I still think about exes every now and again. All of them were a huge part of my life at the time and are responsible for helping me shape the ideals I have, but I'm not at all sexually attracted to them and would never bring them into a session, solo or otherwise. I left them for a reason, everything else is shut off after that.
Contributor: That Guy That Guy
I spend a lot of time trying to convince myself that I'm the most unforgettable lover on the planet, so I'd be really offended if they didn't still think of me.

In seriousness though, it's been a while since anyone could rightly call me an ex. Methinks they'd do well to move on at this point.
Contributor: Joie de Cherresse Joie de Cherresse
I gave my husband a picture of me years ago from when we were seeing eachother before. When we got together years later and actually became a couple, he showed me the picture. He kept it all that time and still has it in his drawer, lol.
Contributor: BadassFatass BadassFatass
If an ex wants to think about me that way it doesn't really bother me. There's nothing I can do about it.
Contributor: Sweet-Justice Sweet-Justice
If I had a nice X i wouldn't mind, too bad all of my exes are exes for a reason. :/