How do you feel about hearing your neighbors having sex?

How do you feel about hearing your neighbors having sex?

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Or rather... I don't think our bedrooms line up on our duplex, but if they are having sex.... it must not be very good, because they are quiet.
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Originally posted by Gunsmoke
In my college days there were just thin walls or partitions separating me - or them from the action. That was fun for a college experience - but I'm glad I don't hear it now - getting old enough to own a home has it's advantages.
It really sucks having thin walls in college but I think they do it on purpose. Just last week, I snuck my guy up to my room in my townhouse and we went at it, thinking we were all alone, only to realize after we left, we were not alone. I am pretty sure my housemate who was in the next room heard everything but is too afraid to say anything to me, since we have a strict no guys upstairs policy from our housing department. It seems like in last 4 yrs, I've always ended up with rooms that have thin walls where everything can be heard. Not to mention that we both still live at home where we still have to be concerned with people hearing us. Though since we've all but broken his bed, I am pretty sure no matter how quiet we keep our noise level, the bed screams out enough for the both of us. So, I cannot wait to get our own place in the next year.
Trashley Trashley
I constantly hear my dad and his girlfriend having sex when I'm home. At first it was like right on dad! You go old man. Glad you're having the time of your life! But now it's like alright, it's been two years, she sounds like a DYING COW! Is she THAT dense that she doesn't get her snorting translates ACROSS THE WALL to me right now? I hate visiting home now... ew.
Hot'n'Bothered Hot'n'Bothered
In all our years in rentals...we only had one that we actually heard the neighbors. I didn't like it at all. She was a LOUD screamer....I don't like being woken up in the middle of the night to that!

Plus I didn't like them anyway.....they always got drunk and had loud parties til all hours of the night..
Hannah Savage Hannah Savage
I haven't yet heard my neighbors having sex. Their bedroom is directly below mine, so I can hear if they cough and such, and would definitely be able to hear if they were going at it. It stresses me out to think about it, honestly.
lamira lamira
I live out in the country, so I never hear my neighbors have sex.
UnknownGirl UnknownGirl
Back in college when I lived in the dorms, the girl in the next dorm over would have quite a bit of noisy sex. I always thought it was kind of a nuisance until it happened one night when my boyfriend was over. I could tell he was getting very turned on by hearing my neighbor's sex moans. Always one to take advantage of a situation, I proceeded to see for myself just how turned on he was. I wasn't long before we were making our own ruckus. After that, anytime we heard them, we would try to out do them. The funny thing is, after a few times, my neighbor realized what was going on, and they in turn would try to out do us. Good times, indeed.
PussyGalore PussyGalore
I live in an apartment and you can hear toilets being flushed and even coughing fits if they're loud enough so to hear an orgasm now and again doesn't phase me. It amuses me, really. My upstairs neighbor gets action once a month or so and the girl is usually toasted enough to not care who hears her. I'm a screamer and I just can't help it. My neighbors are welcome to tell me to tone it down and I would do my best to comply but I can't deny it would really kill my experience.
dhig dhig
I'll listen for a moment for entertainment (creepy, heh), but then the music/tv goes on.
Bunnycups Bunnycups
I moved back home, so I really don't want to hear any of my neighbors having sex. yuckies. I've never heard any of my family members having sex and I don't want to.
Ropeguy Ropeguy
When I was in college I lived in the dorms for a year and heard my fair share of sex through the wall and a couple of times my classmates were hanging out in a townhouse on campus and heard one of our classmates having very noisy and vigerous sex right above the living room. Haven't heard much since then, but it never has really bothered me and on occasion is a bit erotic unless it is fake (porn star) sounding moans and screams.
darthkitt3n darthkitt3n
I have heard my neighbors in my old apartment having sex. They did it almost every night around 3-4 AM, so it always woke me up. The woman would be pretty much screaming the whole time and the bed would be squeaking and shaking my ceiling. My apartment also had pretty thick walls, so they were definitely way too loud. I just kept a broom next to my bed, which I'd thump on the ceiling. If I didn't they would seriously just go on for like 2 hours.

Eventually, they stopped having sex very loudly and started arguing and fighting very loudly all night. Then they moved out.

Personally, I'd find someone making a ton of noise during sex just as inconsiderate as turning the TV up really loud or singing along to music very loudly. Sure, you are having fun, but it's a pain for those of us trying to sleep or go about our normal routines.
Josh aka FootMan Josh aka FootMan
Jes and I had a couple, about 25 years old who lived below us in an apartment we had a couple years back. While we do fuck quite a lot, we aren't exactly the type to have three hour screaming marathon sex on a daily or even weekly basis.. lots of foreplay is more our thing.

Anywho, I got a call at my desk at work one day, back when I worked in a cubicle for an engineering firm - where I sat smack dab in the middle of the office. It was the property manager ("pock faced bitch" I call her)who called to inform me that there was a problem that she couldn't discuss over the phone so she needed me to come to her office after work. I explained to her that I would not attend a meeting, for anybody, without being given a reason for wanting to attend said meeting. She eventually realized she would have no choice but to tell me what was going on, and proceeded to tell me that one of the neighbors called and explained to her that she heard "very loud intimate noises" coming from our bedroom.

I tried to maintain my composure being that I was in my cubicle, but I just simply could not refrain from busting out laughing hysterically at this woman. I then proceeded to inform her that I was in no way shape or form responsible for the noises produced by Jes while I was deep inside of her, and that I would under no circumstances do anything to reprimand the situation. I also told her that the neighbors might not care so much if somebody would come into my unit and fix the noisy ass floor under my bed.

Being that I was very upset with the situation, I came home that day and proceeded to make some very loud intimate noises of my own in the hallway outside my lovely neighbor's door.

Moral of the story here I suppose is that if you like to fuck, you had better have enough money to afford a house, or at least a very high quality ball gag, but even that won't shut up your noisy floor or nosey neighbors who can't get a good lay.
Danielle1220 Danielle1220
I chose option 2...I only have 1 comment, HAHA
Vaccinium Vaccinium
When I used to live in condos or apartments, it never really bothered me. I'd rather not hear it, but I'm sure as hell not going to get upset with someone who it making the noise. I'd blame the poor soundproofing of the walls, not the neighbors.
BadassFatass BadassFatass
I think hearing it every now and then would be hot...maybe I'd even engage the boyfriend in a contest to see if we could be louder. If it was all the time though, it could be bothersome.
Vinroe Vinroe
It's awesome. It's kinda hot especially when it's around Valentine's Day and one happy couple coupling sparks off a domino effect. It's also good to know that if they're going to be loud then the wife and I can blow the roof off without someone calling the police for a noise violation.
MrRainybowbow MrRainybowbow
Thankfully i dont have to. But if i did i'd think i'd be uncomfortable and worry about the noises we make that they could hear.
IrishLassie IrishLassie
In the apartment we used to live in, we could hear our neighbors upstairs get it on. some times it was just 2 voices, other times it was 3 voices. And then we had a neighbor next one over that was bringing home a different girl home every weekend. Every now and then you could hear him, not any of the women, but him... Im glad we got a house now..
idunshire idunshire
Surprisingly, I've never heard any of my college neighbours having sex even though you can hear everything through these walls! I'm just wondering why no one has ever complained about my sex, though. A.I'm very loud b.the bed is VERY loud and toys are even louder.

I feel like hearing my neighbours going at it would annoy me. I'm very sound-sensitive.
haley730 haley730
Very akward
Miss Anonymous Miss Anonymous
I use to hear the people that lived over me, but not anymore. I don't know if they movied or something. Other than that, I seem to NEVER hear anyone have sex. It's like they don't....
tickle me pink tickle me pink
Thankfully I've never found myself in that situation, but if it happened more than once I know that I'd probably get really annoyed with it. A few times I've wondered if the neighbors could hear my husband and me. I'd hate to be the "loud annoying sex" neighbors.
Ivy Wilde Ivy Wilde
Originally posted by SexyTigerX
I live on 10 acres and so do all of my neighbors. If I hear them having sex then damn, more power to them!!! And I'll have to ask them what in the heck they're doing to have so much fun.

So, I can't pick any of the choices.
Yeah, there needed to be an "other" option for those of us who live in the country. If I could hear my neighbors having sex, I would be impressed.
Bignuf Bignuf
Originally posted by Serendipity
I live in a multi-unit row house type townhouse complex. I came home from walking my dogs yesterday and entered through a side gate. Someone in the first unit off the gate was having completely loud, raucous sex. We're talking when Harry Met ...
Ha, Ha...those are pretty limited choices, but in our old apartment, the back walls of the bathroom medicine cabinets backed up to each other. Our apartment, at that point, was only two layers of aluminum thick, away from the next door bathroom, and when our medicine cabinet was opened you could hear ALL the play going on in that bathroom as our young lady next door used to LOVE to play in the bubble bath with her boyfriends. We never spent time "spying" but if we used OUR only bathroom, it was hard NOT to hear them. We did get many laughs about it, and NEVER used our own bathroom for any LOUD play..because we realized sound goes BOTH ways.
SexyStuff SexyStuff
Our upstairs neighbors once asked us to close the vents to our bedroom which apparently go directly to their kitchen. Haha.
ijako9 ijako9
Never heard it but if I did I'd probably yell something like "ride em cowgirl!"
Diabolical Kitty Diabolical Kitty
I never hear the neighbors having sex. Thankfully that is!
Sex'и'Violence Sex'и'Violence
It doesn't bother me and I don't make a big deal out of it when I hear it. Shared living is all about give and take. I wouldn't like them to start pounding on the wall whenever I'm having sex.
SexyTabby SexyTabby
I don't have neighbors anywhere near me now or when we bought our first house either. The only time I had neighbors close enough to hear was in Baltimore and none were loud enough to hear. Grew up living with no one but my Momma so no sex going on there either (except what I was having)...not sure how I'd feel about having to listen to others get it on. Probably feel a lil strange but would laugh it off.
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