How many orgasms per day are OK? How many would be too much?

Contributor: Chatter Chatter
How many orgasms per day can you experience, without it causing any kind of problems?

How many orgasms would be too much for the tolerance ability of the body, so that it causes some trouble that you can notice: sex no longer feels perfectly enjoyable, but a bit worn-out, or you will have pain in the genitals, etc.

Very rarely on one day it is probably possible to experience more orgasms than usually, without it causing an uncomfortable feeling or lowered satisfaction during sex or orgasm, or after sex.

When doing it several days in a row, you might more easily encounter some limit, which is too much for the body, if overexertion develops in some erogenic body parts.
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Contributor: abee abee
As a multiple orgasm-er, I can usually do 8-10 before I start feeling significant discomfort. That can be in one session or sometimes in a couple different sessions. Depending on the toy/partner and the scene I could maybe do even more than that; it helps to alter areas of stimulation so that one area doesn't get too raw or numb. The other issue is that eventually my muscles will start cramping from all those orgasms, so I sometimes need a massage or stretch break
Jun 15, 6:05 pm