How many Redheads are out there?

How many Redheads are out there?

meluaz69 meluaz69
They say redheads are unique and they will someday be extinct, they now make up less than 3% if the worlds population Are you a redhead? Natural or dyed? Are you a unique breed? What makes you unique and do you think redheads are more sexual?
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Chilipepper Chilipepper
I'm one of those in which the genetic crapshoot came up "should totally be a redhead, but let's make her dark blonde". I have the complexion and coloring and heritage to be a redhead, and then ended up with a blonde hair color that washes me out and makes me look ill. The only real red hair on me is the carpet.

So, I dye.

People are shocked when they find out I have to dye my hair because I look that much like a natural redhead. "But you're Celtic! You've got freckles! And a temper! And you snark! Why??"

I don't know if coloring or heritage have anything to do with libido/drive. My mother remarked that I definitely have a higher libido than she ever did (she's brunette). All I know is that I spent my teens in complete frustration because I was a redhead by then and I was quite willing, but I was not attractive enough for guys my age, and older men were allergic to jailbait.
Bex1331 Bex1331
I wish I was, redheads are hot
Peggi Peggi

Although it looks a bit light because I had it faded to a lighter red and put blonde highlights in it, but I'm one of those pale-skinned natural redheads with green eyes and some freckles

I'm not sure I enjoy sex more than the next person with a different hair color but I'm VERY adventurous and willing to try new things even if I don't think I'll like them, just to find out.

Actually, though, I'm pretty submissive when it comes to my guy, which goes completely against my personality otherwise
meluaz69 meluaz69
gotta love redheads chilipepper my daughter Sexyrayne is genetically redheaded but was born with brown hair and still has the coloring for a redhead she too dyes her hair but is very convincing especially sitting next to her two redheaded sisters and her redheaded mom
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