I'm on the 'Sex with Jaiya' live radio show today! The topic is Mastering Open Relationships!

I'm on the 'Sex with Jaiya' live radio show today! The topic is Mastering Open Relationships!

Victoria Victoria
I am going to be on the show again today – live, in like 5 minutes! This my 10th appearance – YAY!

The topic is ‘Mastering Open Relationships: Swinging, Polyamory, Non-Monogamy and More’

I’ll be talking about products that might be a good fit in some of these scenarios.

Listen to the ‘Sex with Jaiya’ radio show today at 4pm EST !

To listen live, go to the show page – you’ll see the tab for February – click on it and listen live!

If you can’t listen live, they rebroadcast the show and you can also listen to podcasts for free any time! The link for today’s show is here.

To call in, here is the number for the Listener Line: 866-472-5788

We will be announcing a special 25 % off coupon code on the show too, for all the happy listeners out there.

About Jaiya:
Jaiya is one of the most progressive and well educated sexual wellness experts. She works with couples and singles to help them overcome intimacy issues, deepening connection and communication, leading to the creation of more fulfilling relationships. Jaiya holds certifications as a Sexologist, Sexological Bodyworker, and Tantra Teacher. When Random House needed their newest sex expert they sought out Jaiya and she co-authored the book Red Hot Touch with her co-teacher Jon Hanauer. Together they also created link and their best-selling, award winning DVD series by the same title. She strives to eradicate sexual shame and invites those she works with to explore how much pleasure they can possibly experience. Jaiya recently dove into a new frontier of sensuality as she took her own life experience of becoming a mother and is now coaching other women through the journey of orgasmic birth. With a background in Theatrical arts she brings fun, creativity and sexiness to her teaching. You may have seen her on Playboy’s #1 rated show “Foursome” as a Tantra Expert or one of her many Sex With Jaiya videos as a spokes model for Liberator.
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Sammi Sammi
One of these days I won't be at work and will be able to listen to this live
It's so cool there are podcasts!
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