I need some foreplay suggestions from women.

Contributor: witch-drummer witch-drummer
I recently downloaded an app that is the usual sex foreplay game but this one let's me fill in all the ideas myself, set the level (preliminary, intermediate, final) and have a duration range. I got my wife to try it last week and for the first time in 20 years we had foreplay. This consisted of staring into each others eyes, backrubs, foot rubs, kissing her inner thighs, having her do kegal on my cock. All kinds of stuff I know she would like and do. Even though she hates oral, she even gave me a BJ for four minutes which is a freekin record. I think this is a winner and I'm trying to pad up the suggestions cause I ran out of ideas. My friend tonight suggested "she puts on fishnet stalkings". Which I never even thought of so I'm wondering what other ideas I'm missing. I'd ask her but she does not talk about sex so I'm throwing it out here.

So ladies, what do you like for foreplay... no matter how insignificant you may think.

This is what I have so far. a few of these are kind of Daring for her and pressing what she's willing to do (such as the butt job)

Slowly make out.
He lays her on her belly full body rub.
Kiss her neck.
kiss her inner thighs.
1-2 minutes of Whatever she wants.
Tell your partner you love them and kiss them.
Rub her ford feet.
Stroke his cock and rub his balls.
Lick her pussy.
Masturbate for your partner to watch, make it hot.
Play with your parter genitals while doing the next action.
Put in some lipstick.
Lay her on her back and suck on her nipples.
Straddle him, dangle your breasts in his face and tease him with them.
Kegel squeeze his cock while staring into his eyes.
Suck his cock.
Rub her clit with your cock hed.
Rub her nipples with your cock head.
Play with her labia and tickle her vulva.
Boob job.
Ass job.
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Contributor: trynthings trynthings
What app is that? We've downloaded Pleasure Dice on Android and Desire. I highly recommend both of them!