If your spouse or lover gave you a free pass...what would be your first thought?

If your spouse or lover gave you a free pass...what would be your first thought?

Martiniman Martiniman
The movie Hall Pass was recently on cable, and thinking of it gave me this question.

If your spouse or lover gave you a free pass to have sex with other people for a certain amount of time...what would be your first thought?

Would it be excitement? Who am I going to fuck first? Maybe something different or would you be concerned and skeptical that there was an ulterior motive behind their actions?

Bonus: Have you ever been given a free pass in a relationship or given a free pass in a relationship?
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K101 K101
I've gone more in-depth about how I'd personally react in the other topics asking this question, so I'll just say it again briefly here...

Free pass to do anything at all and my partner would be 100% okay? I'd take that pass and shove it up his ass for ever even considering it, or ever even thinking of me as someone who WOULD do something like that. I'd be insulted.

If I was given a "free pass" I'd be re-thinking my partner's love for me. That is not the relationship I want & I'd be taken by surprise if my own partner did that because we've discussed it -- he knows I won't do something like that. I give my all to the person I love (him) and I'd be insulted if he ever gave me a "pass" to give something special away to someone else when he should be taking every last bit of it. Strange, but it's just my honest, raw feelings here.

In the beginning of our relationship though, he told me he didn't care if I wanted to be with other people, and I simply took it as he didn't love (true, real love not obsession or all that other mess that gets mixed up as love) me. This was the first month we were together, so I thought little of it, but wanted to know if he'd really be okay with "sharing" me later if we decided to get serious. He didn't know. So I waited to find out. Sure enough. That fella started really lovin' me and no, he would not want to "share" something that's supposed to only be shared with him.

He thinks really... highly of me, which is good & in my opinion, he would deserve way better if I ever had the notion or desired him to "give" me a free pass. Thing is, he'll never have to worry about what I'd do if I did get that free pass because I'd never take it. There's not anything else out in this world that I want.
Ansley Ansley
I would think they wanted the free pass and we're offering it up for me in hopes I would do the same.
libbyv libbyv
i wouldn't be ok with this
Chilipepper Chilipepper
They would know me too well to never offer because I wouldn't appreciate it.
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