Kissing after oral sex...

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Originally posted by Naughty Student
Lol, once I went down on my partner and my sister visited me right after (so I didn't have time to brush my teewth) and she kissed me on the lips. My eyes popped out of their sockets and my cheeks went red, she immediatly understood why and just ... more
thats hot.
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Originally posted by Adriana Ravenlust
Absolutely. It's rude to expect oral sex but not kiss after.
I love the taste of my cum on her lips...mixed with her sex! Love it!
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I chose sometimes. It's not even so much the fact that I've just done oral, so much as it is...sometimes you give your partner an orgasm and then you're both like, "Okay, back to what I was doing beforehand..."

I don't mind it at all, although I'm disgustingly clean, so unless we're mid-sexin', I prefer it if my partner wipes their face and mouth beforehand. Otherwise, my face gets all messy and I'm like, "OMFG, MUST USE CLEANSER, MUST USE CLEANSER!"
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It is great to experience what the other person does. My wife and I have no problems tasting each other after oral. For us it is a real turn on and often leads to more sex.
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My husband always kisses me after I go down on him, no matter where my tongue has been, he'll still suck it back into his mouth.
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Neither my husband nor I have any problem with kissing after oral sex, and it is a definite turn-on for both of us.
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Originally posted by LikeSunshineDust
After he goes down on me, we usually have some passionate kissing. I honestly don't care about the taste. After I go down on him, it's usually just some closed-mouth kisses until I have a chance to take a drink of something else to get the ... more
My boyfriend and I are exactly the same way.
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Yes, I think it is rude not to if offered.
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Originally posted by sry
Do you kiss after oral sex?
I would have to say sometimes we do, because usually by the time its gotten to oral, we don't do much kissing after that point as we are ready for some serious pounding

Not weirded out by it for either of us, but understand how some could be.
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I find all of these posts so fascinating, after he goes down on my he always wants to kiss me and I am definitely in the mood to passionately lock lips (usually after he does one swipe of his mouth - just because i don't like the slimy feeling on my face) But every time I go down on him I feel weird kissing him, even though he always wants to and never cares that he can taste himself on me.
Originally posted by DreamyLove
I love kissing after oral, both giving and receiving.
I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't.
I agree. After I suck a guys cock, I love to french kiss him..(that goes with one of my girlfriends too when we get naughty!!!)
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I think for me, sometimes, because if Daddy goes down on me... I don't like the slimy feeling on my lips, it's ewwie. Sometimes I definitely like to kiss after, though. I'll even force him to kiss me if I have to.
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Yes, Yes, Yes. I didn't even think there were people that didn't like to kiss after oral sex. It just seems natural to me and very hot.
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We always kiss, but sometimes it grosses me out. I'd never not kiss him because of it, but I'm just not a fan of the way I taste.
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Personally sometimes i think i taste much better then him (sometiemes) and dont mind at all it used to piss me off becuase he would go "ewww im not kissing you after you went down on me" but iwas supposed to kiss him. i said forget it and he got over himself.
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My hubby and I are fine with this, but my ex was not. He'd kiss me after going down on me, but if I tried to kiss him after giving him oral, he would freak out and tell me NO!
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haha my bf's one of those guys thats completely grossed out by his own cum. i havta brush my teath after blowing him and hes still iffy about kissing. i kinda hope hell get over it a little, but it really doesnt bother me much.

i like the way i tast and doesnt mind that

great forum question!
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Always immediately after for both partners. It's hot!
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Originally posted by sry
Do you kiss after oral sex?
I am happy to say that my man kisses after i have given him oral pleasure. I as well have kissed him after he has given it to me in reture. After he has been inside of me, I have given oral and swallowed and that did not stop the kissing. If you know your partern then it should not be any reason not to. It is an awesome thing that nothing can keep you from going on with what ever you want to do. Since I am not on bc I think it is a great way for him to be able to have full pleasure with swallowing. He is happy to kiss me after.
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Originally posted by sry
Do you kiss after oral sex?
Absolutely I Luv the way I taste especially on my mans lips.
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Other, sort of? He'll kiss me after I've given him a blow job, but I don't like to kiss him after he's gone down on me.

ETA: I feel I should note as someone said it was unfair not to kiss after your partner gave you pleasure that him going down on me is probably in my bottom five of "tolerable, but not really enjoyable" sex acts.
Contributor: Tori Rebel Tori Rebel
It's never occurred to me NOT to kiss right after
Contributor: Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Heh I have a different perspective...neither guy minds kissing me after receiving oral sex but if I have just had oral with one the other will want tooth brushing. I figure that's only fair, they aren't attracte to each other.
Contributor: Kim! Kim!
Ugh, I had an ex who would not kiss me after I went down on him. It didn't matter if he ejaculated or not, no tongue, he flat out refused. After the first time I gave my current boyfriend a blow job and he kissed me I think I exclaimed a bit too gleefully my happiness at being kissed.

I have no issues with it and find it sort of hot to taste myself on someone else's lips.
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My partner doesn't like being kissed after he ejaculates in my mouth... he has a phobia about tasting his own junk. I don't mind kissing him after he goes down on me, though.

Men. So stubborn.
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I personally dont like to give him oral sex while when he finishes he goes in my mouth sometimes....from there make out ahh what goes from my mouth back to his lol
Contributor: Sensual husband Sensual husband
Of course we kiss just because one of us has climaxed does not mean the closeness and the wanting to be close is over
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I wipe my face before I kiss her but yes, we do. She doesn't usually give me OS to orgasm, so the other way isn't an issue.
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Originally posted by Adriana Ravenlust
Absolutely. It's rude to expect oral sex but not kiss after.
Totally agree!
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Yep, both of us do!