Ladies Carrying Condoms.

Contributor: bellaapple23 bellaapple23
Girls, do you carry condoms in your purse or anything? Why?
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Contributor: CinnamonNights CinnamonNights
I don't currently carry condoms but only because I'm in a committed long distance relationship, so I don't ever suddenly need condoms out of the blue. I also don't really appreciate one night stands and the like so I probably still wouldn't.

Yet if I weren't in relationship and I were out trolling for booty, I would carry condoms around. I think that if anyone is thinking of having sex with anyone soon they should always have condoms with them in case if the other person doesn't have any. Pregnancy and sexual diseases aren't as fun as sex, so it should be prevented if possible. I don't consider it "the guy's responsibility" because sex takes two people to do, and besides girls have to take charge of their own bodies. A lot of guys don't care enough to do so for them.
Contributor: SaucyxGirl SaucyxGirl
Back before I found myself in a committed relationship I always carried condoms. Like the poster above me I feel that safe sex isn't only the other partners responsibility. It also also gives them less of a chance of trying to talk their way out wearing one. I would just magic produce one and ask if they wanted to do the honors or would they prefer me putting it on them. I think maybe only one or two guys ever tried to protest, but that was oral sex. I had to explain, sorry no dick inside any hole without a layer of latex buddy.

I also kept dental dams too, because I do not play double standards. That and some of my sexual partners are female
Contributor: BlackOrchid BlackOrchid
When I was single I always had a few in my purse as well.
Contributor: NorthBayLady NorthBayLady
I carry some in my purse when I have them. Better safe
Contributor: PadoruLover PadoruLover
I carry some if I'm with someone that I would sleep with. Always good to have it on had just in case.
Contributor: edeneve edeneve
no, I don't. I don't have spur of the moment sex w/ anyone unless I'm in a committed relationship.
Contributor: charmedtomeetyou charmedtomeetyou
I don't now, but I did when they would have been needed.