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hi I am on a quest to find the Most PLEASURABLE sexual position for females. I want my companion to enjoy our first time together more than i do. If you ladies can help i will be greatfull and thank you so much in advance.. you can message my profile if you wish @ Admneg.
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Oooh! I love giving good sex advice. Lol. Not sure that I'm good at it. Every female has their own preferences, but I'd say most are going to be extremely happy to have a man show full attention to her needs first. I can guarantee it'll be something she never forgets and maybe even a first for her. I've only had one man focus on my pleasure too and the 2nd time we met, he showed me he was SERIOUS about my needs too & guess what? We've been together for 5 years now! Lol. Now that's how you get a keeper. Lol.

Anyways, I guess it would help if we knew what type of personality or if you know any of her kinks? I don't want to say grab her unexpectedly, toss her down, and focus on every part of her body one at a time because she may not be into that. I love that & most women do, but if you haven't known her long or unsure of what she likes it could be a bad idea. Lol.

As long as you are focusing on her and listening to what she likes then she's more than likely going to be happy. If this is the first time, I would take it easy and probably not introduce too many kinks at once, but take it slow & get an idea of what she likes then slowly introduce different kinks into the play each time.

For me, when my partner shows and intense interest in me and is outrageously attracted to me (can't get his hands off me) and add a little dirty talk (I'm going to pull down your panties and...) and it gets me every time! Thats a good way to go if it's a first time. Also, I don't do well with speaking up so I like that he asks what I like and I like that he takes time to read my body language to know how I want it. (If I squirm or my legs jerk, it's too much, go slower, etc.) Those are ways to read her.

Maybe if she's a hardcore romantic, do something romantic, but unique. Take her somewhere nice or take a few minutes to give the bedroom a romantic touch. Go slow when you first start. Maybe slight caressing until you're sure she's wanting you to. Also it never hurts to ask each other what your fantasies are. My partner and I always love asking "what would you want me to do to you." Or if that makes you nervous just ask what she's into.
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