Lazer Hair removal.

Lazer Hair removal.

sexystuffeve sexystuffeve
Hey this is a question for all the women out there who have had lazer hair removal.

How do you like it?
How many times did you have to go to have full removal of hair?
About how much did it cost you?
Where did you go?

Any other information would be nice as well.

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Do-Re-Mi Do-Re-Mi
I haven't done it but my mom has. She liked it but to fully remove the hair it took 6 or 7 times and it still has the chance to come back in a few years. She just had it done on her face an each session was around $500. She went to the pratice that our family doctor is in, they have a specialist who does hair removal there. To find a good place in your area you should ask your regular doctor if they have any suggestions on where to go or look up reviews online.

Also, remember that it only removes dark hairs and if you have darker skin it might not work. If you're serious about it definatly find a specialist who does it and set up an appointment. They can go over everything with you in detail and usually they'll do a little test patch for your on your arm or leg to show you how it works and feels.
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