Need some different technique for using my vibrator? Any suggestions?

Need some different technique for using my vibrator? Any suggestions?

Anonymous.Brunette Anonymous.Brunette
I have a good routine for using my vibrator, gets the job done. It's very satisfying, but recently, I've been wanting to mix it up a little. I'm tired of the same old same old. Any suggestions? (I'm not really into anal to be honest.)
My toy's got 3 speeds.
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Menarae Menarae
Well...without knowing what type of toy you have, or how you are currently using it...

Try using the middle speed until you're just at the brink or orgasm, and then kick it up to the top speed. The change in intensity will make your orgasm more intense.
Ghost Ghost
You could try vibrating and massaging the area around your urethra. I love it, but I'll warn you, my best girlfriend hates it and even finds it painful.
K101 K101
Hey this is interesting! I like the idea above. I haven't ever even thought about that, but will try it. I am not sure I'd love it, but sounds neat to try!

Yea, it'd be easier to give you suggestions if you told us what type of vibe. What's it called? Is it dual action, small, large?

Ok, there are certain ways I enjoy, but it varies with different toys. With a dual action vibe I like to go slow and lightly let the clit stimulator poke me for a while then go faster. Then with some regular vibes I like kind of grinding against it with the length of the vibe laying between the labia majora.

I would assume this one to be a popular favorite, but I'll say it anyways. Using the end/tip of the vibe to cricle all around your clit, directly touching it. Lube is really good for this because that way it glides all over it and you're able to feel all sensations rather than a dry vibe sticking to it and sometimes just causing discomfort. You can make a circle 8 over and over with it on your clitoris. Or circle around it. Those are some that make me overly excited!!
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