Re posting this- Dizzy spells, during and after sex

Contributor: LittleA LittleA
I first posted this back in October. I stopped having this for a while, but now it has come back. In the mean time I have removed my IUD. I've had my man take my BP a few times and one day it was elevated, but all other days normal. I have been taken Dramamine the last 24 hrs, and I haven't seen any significant change, although may have subsided slightly. This time around I'm experiencing lightheadedness most of the day, but mostly in the evenings and when I'm laying down, and after we have sex it tends to be slightly worse and last longer.

This is the original post, anyone that has had similar issues I would love to hear.

Disclaimer- I have been to a Dr for this already. The result was that I was slightly anemic (tested at 11.4 lowest should be 12) and I have been taking iron supplements. I have a follow-up appointment in November. I'm just looking for some personal insight, not quite convinced.... I have an IUD that was also checked when at the Dr. We also checked my ears and I got a pregnancy test, all of which were normal.

About a month back, after a night of incredible sex, and incredible orgasm, I got up to go to the bathroom and had to sit down immediately because the room was spinning. This happened again a night or 2 later, with similar results. I've been working on my Kegal strength and have been getting some pretty intense internal orgasms along with the final clitoral at the end, and then I can't get up for a few minutes. After one particular night of sex I came home to get a few more hours of sleep and get ready for work. When I got out of bed and put my feet on the ground, I was still feeling light headed. When I got to work, I couldn't walk a straight line without stumbling. My BF is an EMT so I had called him prior to work, and after I got to work he checked my blood pressure and it was as normal as usual. I endured the whole day like this and only felt better when I laid down and went to sleep.

Within the wk I had been to the Dr and taken the iron. I've felt a little better, and the dizzy day hasn't happened again (until today) and I've had sex without too much of an issue.

Over the last few days its started happening again. I have been taking my supplements, although admittedly not religiously, but not missing more than a day. For the last 2 nights I've gotten dizzy while having sex, and last night I started getting dizzy before he even penetrated me, but I was giving him head, and neither night I got off because I was so distracted by the spinning. This morning and all today I've felt light headed and dizzy and have been on the couch.

My Boyfriend is convinced it has something to do with my IUD, but like I reminded him, last night he wasn't even in me when it started, and it always seems to first happen when I'm lying down and at night.

Also coincidentally my Dr called today and told me that my tests where normal (both pap and I took a Clementia and HIV screening) but that I had higher levels of bacteria.

I'm at a loss as to what is wrong with me and how to fix it. And PS, not giving up sex to fix it !

Anyone have a similar situation? Have any ideas of what is going on?
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Contributor: Fluke Fluke
It almost sounds like when someone flashes an 18th century british lady and she says "well I'd never!" and then blushes and faints. Ok that may not be a real thing, just something to cheer ya up.

I'm no doctor but it sounds like vertigo or some blood pressure type thing. Have you tried changing positions very slowly and concentrating on staring at something far away? You say your doctor checked your ears so I dunno but it sounds like vertigo. You could always try an ear/throat specialist or get a second opinion.

I've known people to get a little dizzy after sex but it goes away after 5 mins, sorry can't be of much help.
Contributor: melliegirl melliegirl
i've had this before and get it occasionally right after sex. When this happens my sight either goes fuzzy or my sight starts to black out. i have no clue why this is.... I was dizzy 24/7 for over a year before (i was a virgin then) and went to numerous types of doctors to try to find out what was going on. They never found out what it was. Luckily i get it occasionally now and not for a year straight. Antivert helps alot when i get dizzy.... but as for dizziness caused by sex i'm as clueless as you. But luckily its not worth stopping sex