Serious question. Are GLASS toys really completely safe?

Serious question. Are GLASS toys really completely safe?

Bignuf Bignuf
I have some nice glass toys. I love the way they look and feel. However, when using them I am SO if they were GLASS, ha, ha. I am always scared they MAY break.

Honest question...has anyone ever had a glass toy break in use??? Some have little handles, necks and what-nots and they honestly scare me.

Anyone have advice or history to share?
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Jobthingy Jobthingy
I use mine often, I have dropped them on the carpeted floor, I have not had any issues. No chips, cracks or breaks.

You should always check for chips and cracks before usage and I don't recommend the dropping part but its not like it is thin glass like a drinking glass. It is solid.
Waterfall Waterfall
Glass is my favorite material and I own a fair amount of glass toys. I have never had a toy break in use or break from me hitting it against hard surfaces by accident. I doubt that a glass toy could break in use due to them being solid, unless for some reason it was already broken before use (which shouldn't happen if you check for any damage prior to using it).

I have never been scared of glass toys because to me they don't feel fragile at all during use.
potstickers potstickers
Glass toys made with Pyrex glass are just about as safe as you can get for glass. No guarantees on other kinds of glass, though.

Pyrex is a special glass that is made for labware such as beakers and flasks. They rarely break unless under extreme conditions, such as freezing or boiling temperatures and under some sort of pressure. At the thickness glass toys are made, they're HIGHLY unlikely to break.

Just to be safe, always inspect your glass toys for cracks or chips before and after every use.
MaryExy MaryExy
I haven't broken mine, and the thinner bits of handles have hit the bathroom tiles on multiple occasions without even chipping. As everyone else has said, just double-check to make sure it's ok for use.

Do you have any pyrex glass measuring cups? How careful are you with those? those are about the same thickness as probably the thinnest bits ever of glass toys. Have you ever had one of those shatter during normal use? Could you break it with your own hands?
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