Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction

Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
Dr Dick says there's no such thing. What say you?
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Sammi Sammi
Hmmm - addicted to coffee, obsessed with sex.
2BudZ 2BudZ
I'm with Sammi!
Sir Sir
HAHAHA!!! Tea for me.

I don't find sex to be an addiction, though. You can never have too many good things! There's nothing wrong with enjoying what you do every minute of your life.
Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
I just glanced at it but must say I agree.
spicywife spicywife
Originally posted by Adriana Ravenlust
I just glanced at it but must say I agree.
I glanced as well but.... it's a tricky topic. I do agree, though, that sex is not an addiction.

To me, an "addiction" implies that someone truly isn't able to stop themselves for various reasons. I've never been addicted to drugs or alcohol, but they can alter things in the body and create a serious addiction to where the person would need help to recover.
LicentiouslyYours LicentiouslyYours
I say you can be addicted to anything, depending on what you use it for and if you continue to "practice" said addition in the fact of consequences for yourself and the relationships you have with loved ones. It's a matter of wanting the feeling you get or the escape you achieve from whatever "addiction" you are using more than you want to take care of yourself or maintain your relationships.

That said, I don't think you can be physically addicted to just anything; I don't think you can be physically addicted to sex.
LicentiouslyYours LicentiouslyYours
Ok, going back and finishing Dr. Dick's article, which I have to admit I did not do before I posted, I do see his point.

If the definition of addiction requires both the physical and emotional dependency components to be an addiction, then no, I suppose you can't be addicted to sex.

I still say you can become dependent, emotionally, on just about anything, including sex, but apparently that's classified by a different term than addiction.

I can agree with this, absolutely. But at the same time, it almost minimizes the power and control someone can given up to such an obsession to not be calling it an addiction.
Owl Identified Owl Identified
Dunno. There are an awful lot of doctors and scholars that will disagree with this dude. Addiction doesn't have to include a physical dependence. There a plenty of drugs that you can abuse and become addicted to without forming a chemical dependence, for example, and no one says "you're totally obsessed with (insert drug name here)."
kawigrl kawigrl
i think it exists
squire squire
I have a hard time believing there is such a thing. I'd agree with compulsions as also showing up in sexual behavior but addiction no. Things like sex, food, ect....all can impact one's life negatively if abused, but sex, food, and other similar things don't impact the brain chemistry in the same way that drugs like meth, coke, alcohol do (if memory serves). Real addiction rewires the brain, temporal medial forbrain i think....My biggest issue with sx addiction is that it's partially a get out of jail free card for ones choices in our culture, was developed by addictionologiests rather than sex therapists, and is quite shaming.

If I were addicted to food, learned how to control my eating habits and improved my body image, would I always have to call my self anorexic? Sex is just so much more multifaceted and complex ..that to call it an addiction, to me, does more harm than good.....and is a way to make money around behaviors that are, for the most part, fairly common in our society and don't lead to impairment in daily functioning.

Hope I'm not offending anyone. I just get feisty with this as people seem to be calling themselves sex addicts all the time now, and it's not even a definition in the DSM (not that the dsm is all that great).
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