Sex Bloopers

Sex Bloopers

kcordie kcordie
do you have any funny sex bloopers you're willing to share? I got the idea from link
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usmcwife99 usmcwife99
LOL were do I start.....heres a few

-I was in the mood for some shower sex, as I was having it seemed to hurt. I was young an dum, back then I would let him do whatever he wanted. I couldnt really tell exactly were the pain was. I usally dont leave the razor on the shower bench thing. I had a bunch of cuts on my but and inner thigh from the razor. We realized when he looked down right as he felt he was gonna cum and saw blood running down the side. He felt so bad, and I felt so stupid.

-We were in a very rough mood and as I though one of the dildos out of the way it hit a can of pop and knocked it over

-There was the time we were having sex and we didnt close the bottle of lube and a whole bottle of ky jelly got all over the sheets and socked into the mattress.

-then theres always the time the batteries go dead cause we didnt charge them
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