Sex Dreams

Contributor: Nashville Nashville
I have them often. Usually I wake up sweaty, on occasion horny, but they usually are dark and involve my spouse cheating on me.

Does anyone put a lot of stock into their dreams? After I have the ones where my husband strays I feel angry and I'll punish him for his behavior in my dreams in some small way... but I have to remind myself it was only a dream even though it felt so very, very real.

Do you have them often? Are they good dreams? Or bad dreams? Can you recall the details afterwards? Have you ever woken up from one and found your sheets were wet?
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Contributor: Cinnamon Chambers Cinnamon Chambers
I have never had a wet dream. I have very vivid dreams of seeing my husband with someone else. I too wake up mad, hurt and irritated after them. The reality and degree that I can remember my dreams is why I think I have a hard time letting go and realizing they are not real. I have had other disturbing and also some very hot sexy dreams. The hardest one of those to deal with involved me sleeping with his co worker who was sleeping in our guest room upstairs. I still think about that dream and how good the sex was when ever that friend is at our house.
Contributor: Sammi Sammi
I don't have them a lot, and I usually don't remember them, but I wake up horny as hell and about to orgasm without any stimulation (at least that I recall). I don't recall ever having any about my husband cheating.
Contributor: Ciao. Ciao.
I usually get really vivid dreams a couple days in a row at random times. Usually mine are pretty surrealistic and bizzare, but the sex is almost always involving me (and only ocassionally me with my actual partner). I don't put a lot of stock in it, other than it can be fun and I've definitely had a wet dream or three out of the deal.
Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
I have sex dreams all the time. Sometimes they're pretty literal (lately I have been dreaming about sex with my husband because he's far away) and others not so much. I will randomly have dreams about people I see or talk to(like Howie Mandell on tv or a friend or whatever) and there are obvious ones that don't have anything to do with sex.

Since dreams are so symbolic, I've read that sex dreams often implicate that the person has something you want. doesn't necessarily count in the cheating spouse dream but perhaps do a bit of dream analyzing.
Contributor: Miss Cinnamon Miss Cinnamon
For a week or two at a time, I'll have very confusing but vivid sex dreams where I am having sex, with or without consent, with someone who is not my partner. I have never dreamt of having sex with my partner. I tell him about all my dreams of having sex with strangers or, occasionally, people I know. I think it's my way of exploring my curiosity without any of the consequences of reality. I don't think I can ever go to a sex party or engage in any of the things that DBD's "unicorns" experiment with. It's just the nature of our relationship and how we view commitment. After a good sex dream, I'll usually feel relaxed and happy, like I was able to experiment even though it didn't "really" happen. On occasion, I do have a disturbing sex dream involving someone creepy or a relative... then it's just weird.
Contributor: ZenaidaMacroura ZenaidaMacroura
I have sex dreams a few times a week. Mostly it's just me having sex with or giving a blowjob to my husband. Once in a while, though, I do have weird dreams about being with a guy at work or something. And more often, I have dreams about being with a woman in some way. I've never done anything with a woman (never done anything sexual with anyone besides my husband, actually), but I often dream about giving oral sex to one. Maybe I think I'd be good at it or something.
Contributor: Naughty Student Naughty Student
If I haven't had sex in a long while then I will have sex dreams and I do orgasm without any stimulation (I love those dreams).

But most often than not my dreams involve rape and it is not pleasurable at all. I can dream of people that I have never met molesting me. I have dreamt that my boyfriend raped me it was so terrible. If it involves some stranger my feelings of violation stay inside my body for a while and dissipate. When I have dreams where my partner has betrayed me in some way I do get upset but not to the point where I react to it in real life. I talk to him about my concerns regarding my dreams so he can reassure me and I try to work out my feelings.

My dreams most often times are very bizarre and I have sex with many people in my dreams including relatives (I know freaky, eh) but I mostly take part in my dream as a viewer as though my dream is a movie at a theater and I am the main character but it always feels like a movie.
Contributor: Dragon Dragon
Happens rarely. Usually just images that leave me wanting. I did have one the other day that actually had me climaxing in my sleep. That is so rare.

Very wicked. Very satisfying.
Contributor: Gary Gary
I have a lot of sleep issues and I almost never remember my dreams. The last dream that I can remember happened months ago. My cat, Satanika, was a larger and more human-like version of herself in the dream and all I can remember is her telling me how she was disappointed in me. I know people think that dreams are significant and always mean something, but I am not going through the headaches and nosebleeds to decipher this one.

On other occasions, I have night terrors. At times, I've even sat up in bed - with my eyes open - screaming while I was still asleep. (My wife really loves me.) On the other hand, some of my sleep insanity has occasionally lent itself to a few extremely memorable experiences with my cute little wifey.

I have woken up kissing her, in the middle of a very heavy make out session with her, and even full on getting down to business. A few days ago, we were both on our sides facing the same direction and I woke up right in the middle of having an awfully good time. I passed right back out afterward. The next day, when she was asking me about what happened, I could barely remember it at first. After a minute I was like, "oh hell yeah, that was awesome!" I asked her about what made her initiate this little get together while I was sleeping and she told me that she was laying there trying to fall asleep and I just randomly started to have sex with her. She liked it. I suppose it's possible that while all of this is going on, I'm dreaming about something... but I never remember that part. What a great way to wake up!
Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
Sounds hot, Yeti.
Contributor: Miss Cinnamon Miss Cinnamon
My boyfriend claims that he has woken up in the middle of "having fun" before... hasn't happened with us though. Awesome way to wake up if you have other methods (than barrier methods--condoms, etc.) for birth control.
Contributor: Gary Gary
BC and disease are not an issue for us, so we can throw down at the drop of a hat. I guess having sex in your sleep would be a really bad thing if this was not the case.
Contributor: Liz2 Liz2
At times I wake up from a sex dream, usually an unfamiliar man in the dream, horny, wet and I am masturbating furiously. If my b/f is with me, I try to wake him up, (lol) and if alone just finish and enjoy!
Contributor: Curious2 Curious2
Originally posted by Liz2
At times I wake up from a sex dream, usually an unfamiliar man in the dream, horny, wet and I am masturbating furiously. If my b/f is with me, I try to wake him up, (lol) and if alone just finish and enjoy!
Contributor: UnknownGirl UnknownGirl
I sometimes have sex dreams, but I always wake up before I orgasm in the dream. Very frustrating.
Contributor: Shellz31 Shellz31
I have had a few sex dreams. One was in a prison...hehe, one was a 4some and the other was a all girls 3some.
I'd like MORE....hehehe.

I know in a few (non-sex) dreams about a guy I'm very interested in, it kinda put some doubts in my mind. But he was able to reassure me.
Contributor: NawlinsDawlin NawlinsDawlin
i have had rape dreams before so not much fun.
Contributor: Michelle Menace Michelle Menace
I have had several sex dreams and also dreams about my partner cheating on me lol wake up mad at him , but i get over it quickly seeing how its just a dream lol
Contributor: al16 al16
I've had several sex dreams about a co-worker that have made the next day at work feel a little awkward.