Sex & the Internet

Sex & the Internet

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To what extent do you use the internet for your sex and sexual related activities? Do you use it strictly for porn? To find other people to engage in cybersex with or to meet up with? Do you pursue voyeuristic ventures with a webcam? Have you used it to find call girls or escorts?

What role does the internet play in your sex life? Is it a staple of your sexual livelihood? Are there some things you use the internet for that you cannot obtain offline? If you were to no longer have your computer and internet access, how would that affect your sex life? Positively or negatively?

Any thoughts on Craigslist and how they'll be changing their Erotic Services/Personals section?
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Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
Well, obviously I use the 'net to talk about sex a lot with different communities like this one and my blog. I don't use it to meet people to discuss sex but I use it to discuss sex with those I know... I browse porn sometimes but it's not a frequent activity and you certainly don't need the internet for that - even if it does make it easier.

And, of course, seeing as my husband is so far away right now, I do a lot of talking dirty and flirting and cybering with him but it's been years since I did that frequently with anyone else. So lack of internet right now would really interfere with my marital bliss.

I do participate in a sexually oriented text based RPG on literotica, though. I could live without it but I sort of use it to experiment with the elements of BDSM and bisexuality that I can't actually do anything about - yet.

But I have no need to use the 'net for sexual activities aside from my husband.
LilyLust LilyLust
If I lost my Internet then I wouldn't have this site (or any for that matter) and couldn't get sex toys! My world would end! Ok not really but I would be miserable for a while. I guess I would have to learn to widdle my own toys then. We don't have a toy shop in my town. And sorry I'm not going to some back ally shop in the town over.Can you imagine me with all the pervy guys with their hoods over their heads? And me playing with the stuff deciding what I want?
Luscious Lily Luscious Lily
My main sex-related use of the internet is EF. While I love to watch porn, I tend to download my favorites (and we won't discuss how much of my hard drive is given over to such files), so losing the internet would, for porn, just mean that I was restricted to the load I already have.

In the past, my boyfriend and I would talk, sometimes increasingly erotically, over IM, but he is rarely online anymore. Computer issues. The only computer in their house that will reliably talk to the internet is in someone else's bedroom. Not cool. So for now, we taunt each other with sexy text messages, which aren't internet-dependent.

Losing Eden, on the other hand, would really hurt. I may not always be the most active on the forums, as I have a bad habit of lurking, but it would be much harder to deal with losing Eden. Where would I get my toys, my reviews, the community of crazy, wonderful, toy-loving nymphos that I've come to love?

I'd have to learn to telepathically interact with the internet. There's no other option, hahah.
Mamastoys Mamastoys
My main use is for EF too. This is the only place I visit related to sex stuff. I love to read the reviews on products and participate in the forums. I have no need to go anywhere else as my hubby is home every..or most..nights.

As far as Craigslist, I am way wary of it. In NC, this man hired another man to come to his house and rape his wife while he watched. He hired the man through Craigslist. I don't know the details but I would be scared to do anything on that site.
Sir Sir
Well, I use it to talk to my partner, since we're in a long distance relationship at the moment. Aside from that, nothing else really. To check emails every now and then.
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