Styles of men's and women's clothing: what is HOT, and what is NOT?

Contributor: Chatter Chatter
I made a questionnaire, which includes 86 different levels and styles of women's clothing, and 71 styles of men's clothing. Everything possible from the very scantiest strings / bikinis all the way to Islamic burkha. But mostly something much more typical, between these extreme ends.

As there are so many photos, for practical reasons the questionnaire is done at another website, and not directly in this discussion:


In the questionnaire you are asked to tell your opinion for each style of clothing, how sexy the person in the photo is. So the questionnaire seeks an answer to the question, which styles of clothing are more neutral, and which styles spontaneously inspire sexual thoughts in a passer-by. Or does any type of clothing (or lack thereof) inspire such thoughts in you?
Jan 8, 4:20 pm
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Contributor: Leil@ Leil@
Hi! I've undergone the men's clothing survey. Some pictures are pretty similar, so I would make it a bit shorter.

It's hard to imagine a naked person walking in the street, but if talking about the pictures, I've learned that a totally naked body or a body that reveals all the 'gems' at once doesn't turn me on. I find partially clothed men more attractive because it leaves everything to the imagination.

And it is a good point to start a poll here on the forum and see how many of you share the same view.
Jan 9, 8:48 am