Were you surprised when you measured your/your partner's penis?

Were you surprised when you measured your/your partner's penis?

Petite Valentine Petite Valentine
For fun I measured my husband's penis earlier today. We've been married for a number of years, have had sex for more years than that, and I was reasonably sure I had a good idea about his size. Turns out I was way off. He was a hell of a lot thicker than I realized — like in the realm of I-don't-buy-toys-that- size thick — and also, shorter.

Has that happened to anyone else? Has the tale of the tape turned out to be a shocker?

There is a poll of a similar nature HERE if you'd like to vote.
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prettynpink prettynpink
I was pretty accurate on the thickness, guessed wrong on the length, longer than I thought lol
P'Gell P'Gell
I didn't know what a "average" penis looked like and (not counting a horrible event when I was a child) My Man was the first adult erect penis I had ever seen. The first time I saw it, we weren't having PIV yet, just playing around manually, and I thought, "OMG, that thing is never going to fit!" It did. Pleasantly so, I must add.

I measured it for the first time when I was only about 17 years old, he thought I was being ridiculous, being a grown man. But, even now, he doesn't believe he's all that big. He is. But, the measurement didn't meant that much to me. The internet wasn't readily available to most people when I started having sex, and even books didn't have that kind of information. I had seen some porn, but those guys are massive, not "average size" at all.

He totally forgot I had measured him years ago, and when I told him his size, he said, "That's all?" He's bigger than the average man, but I guess most men don't really even know what other men look like erect.

But, not knowing what men were supposed to look like erect, I wasn't "surprised" as I thought he was probably average the first time I saw him. I was just surprised at how large a man was in the first place. I was young.
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