What's your favorite obscure sexy spot?

What's your favorite obscure sexy spot?

Dame Saphir Dame Saphir
Everyone, I think, has a spot on the opposite (or same) sex that they find really sexy. Aside from the obvious things like breasts, butt, penis, etc., what's your obscure spot that you find tantalizing on any partner? For me it's a guys shoulders/upper arms. Especially when my boyfriend has his arms above his head...mmm :] For him, it's the back of my neck; he got upset when I was considering a tattoo there. What's yours?
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Tori Rebel Tori Rebel
I love a man's shoulders and the curves of a woman's waist and hips. My current man really likes my feet and hands, he thinks they're pretty and dainty
Chilipepper Chilipepper
The ears. I seem to be the only girl that ever thought of doing oral on ears. Mulder liked the fact that I wasn't slobbery about it like other girls who simply skim over them with a mouthful of siliva. My ex-husband was extremely ticklish with his ears.

I've been complimented on my wrists. They're the only parts of me that are petite and slender.
Sammi Sammi
Ears, definitely
Naughty Student Naughty Student
I love my mans neck and back he loves the little area below my left rib, he loved to kiss and lick that spot.
Brian Brian
I find my wife's lower back very sexy. The skin is so smooth and seamless.
Dame Saphir Dame Saphir
I like ears too :]

And one other spot I love, on anyone, is the area right on the outside of your eyes. I think that's just, such a sensual spot. It's untouched. The skin is smooth and flawless, and no one goes there. My boyfriend thinks it's curious that I kiss and stroke right beside the outer corner of his eyes all the time
TiffySmilez TiffySmilez
I love the back, especially between the shoulders.

I also had a boyfriend who loved my belly button and now I'm obsessed with having my partners like and kiss my stomach and belly button
CherryMinx CherryMinx
I love backs on men, especially when it has a nice line down the back, this doesn't necessarily mean tons of muscle definition, but lean. also Arms, i love arms! I don't mean big bulky arms, but lean ones mmm... also necks, i love necks...
kck kck
I love my man's shoulders.... but my favorite is his Adam's apple.

Is that weird?
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
Necks, lower backs, the crook of the elbow and forarms
LucyLemonade LucyLemonade
For men I love the back, mostly the middle as it moves into the lower back curve.

For women I love the area on the sides of the ribcage, above the waist and the sides of the breasts, where your arms would lay naturally. When a woman is stretched out with her arms up that area is beautiful.
Annemarie Annemarie
On men, I love chests and stomachs, particularly the area between the clavicle and pectoral muscle. I really can't say why... it's just a nice spot to nibble.

On women, I love the backs of most women's knees. Another extreme oddity... the skin there is just so soft and smooth and sensitive. My last girlfriend was extremely ticklish there.
Dame Saphir Dame Saphir
Originally posted by TiffySmilez
I love the back, especially between the shoulders.

I also had a boyfriend who loved my belly button and now I'm obsessed with having my partners like and kiss my stomach and belly button
Ooh, I like that part of the back too. Especially if there's definition (not necessarily bulk).
sweet sally sweet sally
I tend to like different things on different people. Current boyfriend, I love his chest, legs (great calves) and arms when he has his hands above his head. Oh, and his eyes, they're very kind.

Honestly, I'm not sure there's anything he doesn't like about me. lol Is that conceeded? He does tell me all the time how much he loves my butt. He told me last week "you know how most peoples butts look better in cloths? Well, yours looks better with nothing at all." And he also likes that little gap between my upper thighs when I standing up.
00 00
On me--Inside crook of the elbow...it is super sensitive to breath, touch, kissing, licking...since it is rarely touched and explored. Next would be my collar bone where the skin is very thin and sensitive. But when my husband bites (hard enough, but not so hard as to damage)the back of my neck...I get LOST.
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