Which countertop material for our SEX ROOM?

Which countertop material for our SEX ROOM?

Bignuf Bignuf
Okay, so soon we begin construction on our "empty nest, way too big a house" sex/adult playroom.

We are putting in a whirlpool 280 gallon tub for two and a nice full body shower with "top rain shower" walk in shower for two (we already have one in our master bedroom, but it is down a long hallway, so we want the same in THIS room's bath.

It will have two large sinks, a huge wall mirror and two toilets and a bidet.

NOW...we have the fixtures coming in WHITE. The cabinetry will be white also, and we want a dramatic "set it off" counter top. The shower is done in DARK GRAY quartz tile, with GLASS inserts..in SEA GREEN with illumination behind it. SO...we are now deciding on a COUNTER-TOP to match.

Designer suggested either QUARTS INFUSED CONCRETE (dark gray with bits of glassy looking colored (sea green) quarts in it. It sounds ROUGH...but it is actually a smooth, cool material. VERY durable.

OR....do we go straight QUARTZ "crushed and bonded quartz), type material, in a dark green with flecks of clear and light green?

Anyone have a "concrete" counter? How about Crushed Quartz??? SUGGESTIONS EF FAMILY. (Both materials are smooth and cool...fine for those times he will pop ME up on the counter and POP me while there..ha, ha, OR for getting "bent over").

Which is easier to clean? Stays looking good, etc????? Remember, this is a SEX ROOM...all kinds of flavored, colored, and scented lubes might end up on that counter, plus silicone and water based lubes, oils, candle wax, you name it.

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wow! I want to see pictures when it's done! how fun!
My tastes are a little retro, I was thinking a green similar to the glass inserts in the shower.

anything cold and smooth would be perfect. and choose a material that can be easily fixed if it gets chipped (can't remember which ones can be smoothed back out)
funluvinmama funluvinmama
Being as I like the green, I would go with the QUARTZ. The dark gray might make the room too dark. and since the shower is dark gray, the counter being green will make it pop.

Just my opinion though.
Ryuson Ryuson
I'd go with the green because concrete can be easy to stain. But whatever you pick, PICTURES ARE A MUST!
Tork48309 Tork48309
Originally posted by Ryuson
I'd go with the green because concrete can be easy to stain. But whatever you pick, PICTURES ARE A MUST!
Concrete is very porous, the crushed quartz is a GREAT idea, I do think that you have a good color foundation to bring in some black though. Based on your direction of design, I'd suggest considering what changes you plan to make in your next redo. Taste changes as you get older and based on your ideas you don't want to spend your money again. It would be good to keep your future in mind and be pocketbook friendly. PICS of your renovation and end result would be much enjoyable.
married with children married with children
I am a fan of granet or slate. I have never touched a concrete counter before, but I have heard good things.
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