Would you buy the "Eleven" when you are usually comfortable with medium sized toys only?

Contributor: roskat roskat
It's quite the beast! If the price was right...sure why not.
Contributor: dragonn dragonn
Originally posted by PassionQT
I'm not a fan of hard toys: glass, wood, steel. They do nothing for me and usually hurt. I love girth though!
same here. girth is a plus, but hard not so much.
Contributor: MissYouBubbles MissYouBubbles
Give me the girth please I am a fan of glass, so I am guessing this would rank right up there. But $300 really???
Contributor: bayosgirl bayosgirl
No-it looks too big for me.
Contributor: sexxxkitten sexxxkitten
Too big for me.
Contributor: Kitka Kitka
I'm lusting after the Eleven and don't think I'd have too much of an issue working it in.
Contributor: unfulfilled unfulfilled
If something's too big for me it's too big for me. I prefer slimmer toys.
Contributor: pasdechat pasdechat
Probably not. If it were made out of silicone or something with some give I'd try to work up to the size, but something that rigid AND that girthy just doesn't sound comfortable.
Contributor: Princess-Kayla ♥ Princess-Kayla ♥
I might just to try it out.
Contributor: Why Not? Why Not?
If I were only used to medium sized toys I would be reluctant to use the Eleven. Since it is stainless steel it will be unyielding and feel larger than other toys of comparable size made of different material.
Contributor: CalebC CalebC
Didn't know about it before, now I want it!
Contributor: BlooJay BlooJay
Looks big for me. It's a nice looking toy though.
Contributor: Beck Beck
It's on my top 10 list. I will own it one day.
Contributor: Claire-Bear Claire-Bear
You can use dilators to slowly make your opening big enough to take it. It's really up to you and what makes you comfortable. I think it's a beautiful toy.
Contributor: JennSenn JennSenn
If it was on a really good sale I'd buy it and work my way up. I'd also need the points for it.